Top 10 Free Offline Chrome Games In 2021

Top 10 Free Offline Chrome Games (1)

Free Offline Chrome Games– Google chrome is one of the best browsers out there. It comes for almost every device which supports an internet connection and is associated with google. Still many of us just use the chrome browser to search and browse the contents.

But in the library of google chrome, there are numerous amount of things and features that normal people aren’t aware of.

One of the best features of google chrome is that it lets you play some of the best Chrome Inbuilt offline games when you are getting bored, or just your internet connection isn’t working at the moment.

If you want to take full advantage of your chrome app, Firstly you need to make sure, you downloaded and installed our listed top 10 best google chrome games extension to play on your bare time.

Below is the list of Top 10 Best free offline chrome games that you can install on your pc from the google chrome web store and enjoy passing your free time.

1. Funky Karts – Chrome games

Funky Karts - Chrome games

This game is all about getting yourself involved in dodge into the dangerous objects, fly from the sharps containers, collect coins and valuable resources in the funky kart game. This game comes with 48 interesting and challenging levels. You have to race into the tracks where you have to rescue your friends into the jump, roll, and bounce adventurous levels. you can even complete levels to unlock many different and additional levels of worlds and explore the fantasy inside the funky karts game.

The gameplay of Funky Karts is quite basic, jumps of your kart can be controlled through the arrow keys. This simple game can be really interesting once you understand the controls, after completing few levels, you might also love the adventure level of this game.

2. Happy Friday – Chrome games

Happy Friday - Chrome games

Happy Friday comes with the orange theme, where you play as the orange monster creature, who has to run against those red monster creatures, you can enjoy the simplicity, graphics, and Donuts.

Yes, the orange monster character that you play, loves to eat donuts, in the gameplay you have to eat donuts, run fast, avoid big and small obstacles. you can even convert yourself to a ball to run faster and rolls through the pipes.

The best part of this game is you don’t have to be strategic to play, Thus, this game is developed in such a way that every age of people can play and enjoy Happy Friday.

3. Basket and ball – Chrome games

 Basket and ball - Chrome games

If you are a fan of Basketball or just wanted to experience it, Basket and ball might be a great game for you. The game comes with simple logic, where you have to throw your ball into the basket. but during the process you would face many obstacles and as it comes with many challenging and brainstorming puzzles, which have to be solved so that you can avoid those dangerous obstacles in your way to the goal.

You even have to deal with the fire, trampolines, and spikes, making this offline chrome game even more interesting and fun to play.

The controls are used to make your basketball goes perfectly into the goal. you can use the arrows key to control your basketball and use the spacebar to throw. You can even create a power jump when you press the spacebar continuously, which helps avoid unusual obstacles in your way.

4. 2048 – Chrome games

2048 - Chrome games

2048 is one of the most popular and challenging brain teaser games released for many platforms to date. but now you can play the 2048 game within your chrome browser too. the gameplay is simple, where you have to slide the displayed tiles up, down, left, or right according to your choice.

The number shown in the tiles will be merged when it gets matched. the main focus of this game is to continue matching, merging, tiles, and doubling numbers before the time runs out.

2048 can be controlled by the arrow keys to move your tiles to your preferred spot. While playing and moving tiles on the board, you gain a score. and when the board is full, the game will be over.

In order to play, you have to install the chrome extension into your chrome browser. This game can be really interesting to play while idling or just to practice with the best puzzle game out there.

5. Treasure Arena – Chrome games

Treasure Arena - Chrome games

Treasure Arena is a retro-styled game, where you can team up to 4 players and battle with each other. This game revives the old style of arcade battle games where you have to defeat the enemy monster while attacking each other. You can get valuable coins and items too.

Whenever you defeat enemy monsters, you get treasures and loots, which gives you better guns and gear. These items can help you stand more powerful against your friends while making it a more competitive gunfight in the battle zone.

6. Link All – Chrome games

Link All - Chrome games

Yet another puzzle-solving game for puzzle lovers. One of the easiest ways to play the game, but to make yourself a great master of this game, you have to struggle a lot. The gameplay is to generate a path that passes through every node before meeting the goal. there are some restrictions on creating paths, which signifies with the red line. which means you cannot move or cross from over them.

To begin the game, you just have to pick the node and the path will be created automatically. there are eight different stages of this game which consists of 20 levels inside them.

Altogether, Link all is quite an addictive and strategic puzzle game that you should consider playing in your chrome browser for free.

7. Tank Riders – Chrome games

Tank Riders - Chrome games

As the name suggests, Tank riders is a classic tank attack 3D game. where you have to defeat other enemy tanks through your missiles. Make shots fired and blow up the walls while protecting your tank from enemies.

Tank riders come with 3 modes as Campaign, Multiplayer, and invasion. you can play either of these, to enjoy the new world of tank battle.

Plenty of keys are used to control your tank, your tank will move with the arrows keys, And aim towards your enemies with the J and L letters of your keyboard. To fire shots, Press the Spacebar key.

With all these keys combinations, your tank will be fully under control. there will be lots of fun in defeating enemies and getting yourself to victory.

8. Cut the Rope – Chrome game

Cut the Rope - Chrome game

An award-winning android and IOS game is now also available for offline chrome games too. This awesome physics puzzle game is simply very fun to play. the main goal of this game is to feed the candy to that little cute monster. by swiping through the rope, it will be deployed while also there will be stars to collect while doing so. which helps to unlock new levels.

As I said, To make that cute little monster happy, feed the candy by swiping over the rope to cut it. the game will become harder as you unlock new levels, there will be many obstacles and spikes which have to be avoided to complete the mission.

9. Mancala – Chrome game

Mancala - Chrome game

If you love classic games, then Mancala can be a good game for you. Mancala can be played in single-player as well as multiplayer mode. If you are worried about how to play this game, then there is a brief tutorial to make sure you enjoy the gameplay while encourage you to get started.

If you decide to play as a single player, you have to compete against the bot, which comes with three different levels of difficulty. At the beginning of the game, you just have to choose the hole as you prefer, and the stone will be popped into the hole at almost the nearly chosen hole.

This game is basic with simple gameplay. Some players would get bored by this game, but for classic lovers, this game can be really fun.

10. Little Alchemy – Chrome game

Little Alchemy - Chrome game

One of the most played mobile version games, now available in the offline chrome games. This little alchemy is somewhat similar just to its mobile version. apart from the offline version and full-screen function, you can play the game with 4 base elements as Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. you can figure the substance and create new elements by combining those 4 elements with each other.

For example, Lava can be created with the combination of earth and fire, Thus, Lava and air can be used to create a Stone, and so on. As you unlock more elements, the difficulties will also rise, Which will also make the game more challenging and enjoyable.


That’s all for this article, I hope you loved these free offline chrome games which can be installed in the form of an extension and can be played without an internet connection.

Thus, there are more interesting offline chrome games available in the chrome web store. If you play any chrome game which is new and are not known by many, you can comment below and let the viewers know about those games as well.

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