PUBG Mobile Addiction In 2021

PUBG Mobile is Getting Overrated in 2021 (1)

PUBG mobile (player unknown`s battlegrounds) is an online multiplayer battle royale shooting and survival game. It brings many solid ways to enjoy yourself with your friends and colleagues. Back on March 19, 2018, when PUBG mobile was launched for Android and IOS, mobile gamers went crazy about the graphics and concept of a true battle royale game which was previously only possible on PCs. This game was developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a South Korean company named “BLUE HOLE”.

1. How Pubg mobile Trend Started?

After the game was published, it delivered an excellent opportunity to connect with friends and random people around the world. Though this game took a while to boost its popularity.

When aspiring gaming channels started making PUBG mobile videos, people got to know more about this game by watching videos on social media.

Before PUBG mobile there wasn’t any great game as well, but ever since PUBG arrived there has been a boost in the number of gaming channels as you can see on Youtube.

Back in 2018, the E-sports industry started getting more attention due to some enthusiastic e-sport players getting committed to national and international tournaments of PUBG mobile. That’s where the hype of Pubg mobile started

2. How PUBG mobile becomes addictive.

As you can play PUBG mobile with your friends and experience real-time voice chatting, the immersive gameplay and engaging focus on every second are considered valuable in this game, This is the same strategy used in the popular PC game like CS: GO, Most importantly PUBG mobile is free of cost which means it is more easily accessible to anyone, and also it doesn’t require any extra advanced level of skill set. Due to the normal human connections with other people, it becomes a truly addictive android game.

pubg mobile addiction for young generation

At certain times, no matter where we are whether on the college campus, a public transport, outside school, or in a friend’s circle, we see a bunch of people with their heads stuck in this mobile game, shooting guns and shouting to their teammates about their actions, getting unaware of their surroundings.

The most attractive feature of this game is that you have to standalone from 99+ other players in the battle zone, you have to defeat other players with your strategic moves and skills while applying full concentration into the game. these challenging moments and adrenaline rush attracts large numbers of teens as well as adults.

3. Effects of PUBG Mobile on mental and physical health.

“Playing PUBG mobile does make a positive impact like problem-solving skills, mental abilities, multitasking, concentration and ability to make instant decisions but an excess of anything is harmful.” which is also known as ‘gaming disorder’.

pubg mobile mental health issue
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3.1 Mental health issues –

In games like pubg mobile where exposure to violence and the rage of getting defeat tends to make children fall destructive in nature which tends to make them skip homework or study for exams and leads them to play over in hope of becoming the winner.

Due to excessive playing of games teenagers end up becoming unsociable, getting themselves locked inside their homes for a longer period of time, making themselves virtually dependent, is really dangerous for our mental and physical health.

Also, games like pubg can trigger aggressive thought processes, emotions, and behavior which affect the mental level inside and the people surrounded by them, these can also create long-term impacts on the minds of young children.

3.2 Physical health issues –

Long hours of playing Pubg mobile can increase the risks of obesity, headaches, lying in incorrect positions for long hours can weaken muscles and joints, and also weaken eyesight. Spending long hours in front of a mobile screen can also disrupt the sleep pattern and make teenagers sleepless to play more matches with their friends, leading their life to a dilemma.

Source: News 18 fetal incident include many deaths and loss of money that happens due to Pubg mobile in India.

4. Rise and Fall of PUBG Mobile

More and more people are spending their time watching streaming of pubg mobile on the internet, spending their hard-earned money on buying gaming smartphones to play pubg mobile on it, which is such an achievement for a game like pubg.

pubg mobile rise and fall

BUT it is said that every great thing comes at a cost, which means PUBG mobile too has a downside, 

After every release, this game becomes slightly choppy, glitchy, and minor bugs, which make players frustrated but to keep playing game developers manages to continue adding more new features and stuffs to make players lure towards it, but it fails at the time when genuine players get killed by some newbie hackers, which make them more frustrated and this leads them to lost interest in the game.

5. Final verdict

When pubg mobile launched it boost the gaming community to a huge margin, it helps new aspiring gaming channels to come forward with their humor and skillset in the game make them reach more audiences to connect.

It helps many gaming youtube channels to earn a decent amount of income for their living, making some entry-level YouTubers famous with the help of this game can never be forgotten, 

Well indeed this game is highly addictive but also it delivers happiness to many heartbroken lives and makes people escape from their daily miserable lifestyle, it changes a whole new level of interacting of an individual or a group, making people dive deep into the world of combat while teaching us the importance of teamwork.

Hence, every game comes with its own pros and cons, it all depends on us which part we should consider more. we should also be aware of the things which are harming us in a certain way, and let ourselves get out of that addiction before it’s too late.

What Do you think about what PUBG mobile will become after some years in the gaming industry?

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