How to Prevent Incoming Calls Without Enabling Airplane Mode

Prevent Incoming Calls Without Enabling Airplane Mode (1)

Prevent incoming Calls- Hey there, welcome to my blog. In this article, I am going to tell you that how you can prevent fake, spam, or your annoying friends or families from calling you again and again. First of all, we need to make sure that you shouldn’t have any important calls to answer otherwise your ignored calls can also be a whole life mistake.

If you are wondering that how can anyone easily and simply prevent incoming calls without any hefty task or without using flight mode, then you have come to the right place.

Preventing unwanted calls can be really necessary when you have something more important to do or you just wanted to enjoy using your smartphone without any interruption.

Below I have provided three different methods to prevent it. you can choose either of the three options whichever suits you well.

1. By Turning off Volte

In case you wanted to use your internet or other services without receiving the calls then you must have to disable the VOLTE option from the setting menu of your device.

First, you need to go to the setting of your phone and scroll towards the mobile and networks settings, there you will view your inserted sim cards. Different Devices comes with a different option, although you can find similar names such as mobile networks or networks settings. Then you have to select the sim card from which you don’t want to receive calls. and now you can select the option named as DIsable Volte OR Turn Off Volte.

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By Following the method, if you see no volte icon on your status bar. then congrats, you have successfully followed the process correctly.

2. By Enabling the Call Forwading Method

Once you have followed the method given above, you shouldn’t receive any incoming calls on that sim card.

But what if you do not have any 4g sim card on your smartphone?

Well, there is another method for those, First of all, you need to navigate to the mobile and networks section in your settings menu( there would be another option labeled for different smartphones). Then you just have to go to the Call forwarding option and enter the false number or the number which does not exist. this way whenever any person calls you. they will either listen that the number is switched off or not reachable.

But if you didn’t find the call forwarding option in your settings menu. for those, you have to navigate to the dialer app and click on the top left three-dot icon. you would find plenty of options there. then you have to select the call forwarding option and follow the above method given.

This way you can easily stop incoming calls without turning on your airplane mode. Well if you didn’t found that option on your smartphone then still no need to worry because as said when there is no option, then there is always an option.

3. By Turning on DND Mode

If you are tired of fake or spam calls on your phone, but you still wanted to use your phone data or just use it without any interruptions. then you have to follow the most powerful method for anyone who has smartphones irrespective of what Operating system or Sim Card you use.

prevent incoming calls

Dnd Mode is basically inbuild system mode Which means Do Not Disturb. Which helps you to maintain your inner peace at any moment you want.

To enable this option, again you have to click on your setting icon in your smartphone and scroll towards the notifications or apps sections. you can also use the search option if it is available on your smartphone to find the DND mode.

There you can find enough options to choose from, either to reject calls or notifications from particular apps or calls from someone, or you can schedule to show notifications at a particular time period.

These three methods of preventing fake, spam, or any calls from anyone be really helpful if you want to stay away from the outer world.

I hope one of these methods would be helpful for you in your time of need. If it helps or you find any better ideas of stopping calls without enabling airplane mode, then you can comment below and let me know

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