Top 10 Must-Have Android TV apps Of 2021

Top 10 Must-Have Android TV apps (1)

Best Android TV apps – Did you ever think about why android TVs are getting more popular nowadays? It’s just because they are getting smarter, better and most importantly they are adopting technologies like modern smartphones.

Due to the current situation, people are searching for the real sort of entertainment in the digital era with their devices. And by far the most popular accessible device in our home are Those TVs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smart TV because now we can easily buy TV Boxes and convert any TV into an Android TV through an HDMI port.

Some tv apps come pre-loaded within the operating system, eg- Netflix and Youtube. While some other apps for entertainment, productivity, music, and videos, you have to install some important and essentials apps to release the real power of your Android TV.

Just like android smartphones, android tv also comes in different custom UI skins and launchers with their respective manufacturers. However, you don’t need to worry because these apps will work with all Android TV such as One plus TV, Samsung TV, TCL TV, Nokia smart TV’s and so on.

So to get the most out of your Android TV, I have listed the Top 10 Must-Have Android TV apps Of 2021 below.

1.MX Player

MX player android application

Mx player is considered as one of the “the best video players for android”

Due to the simple and user-friendly interface, it attracts a large number of users. moreover, it also contains all the necessary features such as Online subtitles and vast numbers of codecs to use from.

The latest version of the MX player also comes with an interesting and large database of streaming services for movies, series, and music to further intensifies entertainment. 

However there is no shortage of video players in the android market (play store) but to fulfill the user requirement, this video player never loses a chance. The smoothness and the flexibility of the MX player make it outstanding among others.

Mx player can read local and external drives content easily which makes it an excellent application for the one whose android tv has USB ports.

Price: Free

Download: MX player

2.Send files to TV (SFTV)

send files to tv android application

Send files to TV is one of the basic android tv app used to fulfill our basic file transfer needs.

many times when we need to send files through Android tv from our android smartphones.

As there is no native file transfer app available to android tv yet there are very apps available. 

Send files to TV makes it seamless to transfer any files with your android TV possibly wirelessly without any data usage.

We just have to install this app on both android tv and android phone to connect with each other and in a moment you will be sharing your movies, music, or songs with your android tv without any issues.

Although, there are times when this app doesn’t function properly as it is newly launched so it will take some time for developers to get it stable.

By far this is one of the most essential and best file transfer app for your android tv at this time.

Price: free

Download: Send files to TV


Spotify android tv apk

When it comes to streaming music, there is none other than the most popular music streaming than “Spotify”

Spotify is by far one of the most popular music streaming services available in the digital world

Due to the ads played on TV channels, it’s kinda annoying to play on those tv channels. That’s where Spotify comes into action.

The best part of Spotify is that comes with free service. however, you can use the paid subscriptions to get unlimited track skipping and with 0 ads.

It supports various platforms and nowadays it also tends to support android TV which is really helpful.

Some android tv also comes pre-installed with Spotify where you just have to sign in with your email or phone number in order to start streaming.

Price: free, comes with subscription too

Download: Spotify

4.Sideload Launcher

sideload launcher android tv apk

The google play on android tv comes with a limited version where it doesn’t let users download many apps on their android tv, however, android tv is capable of running any android apps without any issues unless their hardware is weak.

The problem occurs when you sideloaded any apps and it doesn’t show on your home launcher. The only native way to see them is from the settings menu. Thus this app brings the solution to install third-party applications.

This app is developed by Chainfire which is a very popular company in the android industry, moreover, it helps to sideload any android apps on your TV.

Thus this app is considered as one of “the best sideload apps for android TV” due to its flexibility to sideload apps and giving users their full potential to use any android apps on their android TV.

Price: free

Download: Sideload launcher

5.Haystack News

haystack android tv apk

Every human’s beings want to know what’s happening in their surroundings so this app as well. It provides every useful piece of information in the form of news to your android tv. Haystack News provides many popular world news as well as local news. It sources stories from all major news networks based on your recent preference and your search history.

Thus, this app is free of cost which is very useful for the majority of the viewers and also considered the best app for android TV India.

Price: free

Download: Haystack news

6.The Weather Network

the weather network android tv apk

The weather network is a highly recommended weather app for your Android TV. The app is specifically designed and curated for your smart TVs. There are plenty of features available including weather, maps, etc. 

This app includes a weather section where you can see a glance of your current weather condition as well as an hourly forecast of 36 hours. With the help of this weather network app, you can quickly get to know the condition of your incoming weather before beginning your daily routine

Price: free

Download: The weather network

7.Tv bro _ browser

tv bro browser for android tv

Usually, every user wanted to browse the web through their devices and where android tv lacks.

To fulfill the need to browse the content of web pages here comes “TV bro”. It serves as the most powerful yet with advanced features.

TV bro also works easily with your android tv remote as well as it also supports bookmarks plus multiple tabs opening at the same time. It is also remarkably lighter than most of the browsers out there.

The support for voice recognition also makes it better in terms of searching and browsing the web.

TV bro comes uses an Android built-in web rendering engine (WebKit/Blink based) to ensure smooth scrolling and rendering of web content into your android TV.

This app also supports the most important build download manager for downloading your media or files into your TV. additionally, some shortcuts keys and browsing history are already included in this all-rounded browser app.

Price: Free

Download: TV bro

8.Photo Gallery and Screensaver

Photo Gallery and Screensaver android tv apk

Android native screensaver features are very restricted, where it doesn’t let you use your own photos as a screensaver. 

Previously google photos do support these features but due to some security reasons, it becomes eliminated. In that case, this photo gallery and screensaver app comes into play. Where you can your photos including the sources from google photos, Facebook, and flicker too. 

This app is specifically designed for android tv that basically brings the extended screensaver feature into the large screen of your smart TV.

Price: Free, in-app purchase

Download: photo gallery and screensaver

9.Solid Explorer

solid explorer for android tv

After the great popularity of es file explorer now comes the time solid explorer which is absolutely one of the best file managers for android devices as well as for android tv.

The sleek design and easy to use to functionality make it more user-friendly to the users. It comes with dual-panel windows which are easier to navigate to other files and folders.

The best part of this app is that you can manage the internal storage of your android tv directly from this app and use the functions to delete, rename, uninstall, and also to install third-party APK on your android tv.

Moreover, it lets you add an FTP server if you are concerned about these features for your Android TV.

In the end, I would say this is “the perfect file manager app” for android smartphones as well as android TV where you can manage all the directories of the files and folders with ease.

Price: Free, in-app purchase

Download: Solid explorer

10.TV usage

tv usage for android tv

Many kids tend to watch tv for more than the required amount of time which makes parents more worried. The numbers of channels are considerably increased from those old days which makes them harder to control.

To solve this issue of parents this app becomes more useful for any parents who considered their child’s health and wellness.

This parental control app for your android TV lets you monitor the viewing habits of your kids and sets screentime restrictions.

This app is more focused on the health and habits of your children and lets you take all the control for your child, this makes the best use of android tv for the upcoming generation.

Price: Free, in-app purchase

Download: TV Usage


In this article, I covered some useful apps for your concern and make the most out of your android tv and make your android tv worth your purchase.

If you think I left any more useful apps or the apps you use, then let me know in the comments section.

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