10 Popular Google Doodle Games in 2021

Top 10 Most Popular Google Doodle Games Of 2021 (1)

Here are the 10 most popular google doodle games you should start playing right now if you feel frustrated or bored in your busy schedule.


Pacman Google doodle game

This is just like our old classic PAC MAN game that most of our 90s buddies remembered. In this game, you have to eat dots and stay away from those scary ghosts. You can eat up those ghosts as well if you eat larger dots.

#2 Soccer

soccer google doodle game

This game reminds us of playing as a goalkeeper as well as a footballer, well This game is also absolutely enjoyable with the feel of kicking a football.

#3 Coding Rabbit

coding rabbit google doodle games

This game is of course launched for kids to inspire them to learn code. It is based upon selecting blocks and making the rabbit move to collect carrots. actually really fun for kids as well as challenging for adults too.

#4 Garden Gnome

garden gnome google doodle games

This game is somewhat similar to the game that we all have played on Symbian phones which consists of penguins and we have to throw them very far in the snow. They implemented the same idea here where you launch a gnome and plant the highest amount of trees.

#5 Cricket

cricket doodle games.

Well, this Cricket Game is very simple to play as it requires you to just press the bat icon whenever the ball comes to you, This Cricket doodle game was actually made for die-hard cricket fans across the world, The aim of this game is to score as the highest number of runs.

#6 Quick Draw

quick draw google doodle games

This game is absolutely the same as its name contains, you just have the 20s to draw something and they will guess. They generally get it right, which is incredible. the game is also somewhat underrated because very few peoples understand the concept of this doodle game.

#7 Fischinger

fischinger best doodle game

This doodle game is especially for music lovers, as it can let you create background music that you can share with your friends. This doodle game also lets you create four different instruments and place them on a note to create some interesting music.

#8 Halloween 2016 – Magic Cat Academy

Halloween 2017 doodle game

This doodle game consists of five levels where you have to defeat and kill ghosts that are threatening your magic school. you act as a wizard cat who has magic spells as Harry Potter has. This game becomes more intensive as you play. And also this doodle game is a bit scary which multiplies the fun while playing it.

#9 Hip Hop

hip hop Google doodle games

This Hip Hop doodle game celebrates a 1973 party scene that also contains DJ kool Herc, the making of this usually consists of the distinctive sound of Hip Hop. This doodle game also contains various records by making amazing beats.

#10 Scoville

Scoville google doodle games

popular google doodle games videos are also considered in this doodle because in this game you have to freeze the chilies by throwing some ice cream on them. you will burn your character if you fail to freeze them, and eventually, the game will end.

Some Popular google doodle games videos you should watch before considering the best google doodle game moreover it contains lots of interesting ways to make your life enjoyable on boring days.

So which of these doodle games you liked and love to play? Let me know in the comments.

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