How To Enable Double-Tap Back Gestures on Any Android

Enable Double-Tap Back Gestures (1)

Tap, Tap back Gestures – Android Phones are evolving every day in terms of functionality and features, but still, it lacks many handfuls of features that IOS 14 provides in their latest update.

During the release of the Latest IOS 14 update, a new feature known as Double-tap on back gestures was introduced. Which takes the gesture feature to the next level in smartphone technology.

Many android companies also rolled out “back tap gestures” features in their flagship android 11 smartphones. But due to the limitations of hardware support and lower android version lacks the feature behind it.

What is Tap, Tap And How It Works?

To tackle the situation and to provide a seamless Android experience to every android user, One of the XDA Developer (Kieron Quinn) has taken an oath and came up with a new Android app Known as ‘TAP, TAP Double tap on the back. This provides us Double-tap back feature with software implementation on midrange and budget level of android devices as well.

Tap, Tap is ported from the latest android 11 which officially supports this feature. It has been ported to work on android 7+ devices currently. tap, tap support many gestures feature such as launching apps, opening google assistant, take screenshots, toggle a torch, etc.

It also comes with a “Gates” feature which prevents the gestures on certain conditions such as while videos, or when you are on calls, etc. You need to first enable the accessibility feature for this app to work efficiently. Tap, tap uses the machine learning algorithm from android 11 to make this app work on other android versions as well.

Where To Get Tap, Tap?

Due to certain limitations and play store policy criteria, This Tap, tap app cant be founded on the play store. Fortunately, You can download this app from XDA Forum. From there you can easily install this app on your android phone. If you are still stuck on how to install or sideload any android apps on your android phone, I will provide you with a process in another article.

Also, You need to keep in mind that this app is still in its BETA stage, so it can be buggy or maybe it wouldn’t work on your android at all.

Now, let’s dive into all the features That Tap, Tap back gesture has to offer.

Accessibility Service

While opening up the tap, tap gesture app you need to enable accessibility service during setup for this app to work on your android, basically, this service allows system restrictions and grants the app to work efficiently without altering other app functions.


back gestures on android

You can adjust the size of the device used to detect the gesture input. you can modify it to Largest, Medium, or Smallest as per your android phone size.

In the second section, you can change the sensitivity level of the gesture. This allows users to customize their sensitivity as they want. low sensitivity meaning users need harder effort to tap on the back of their phone and high sensitivity leads to unwanted detections and false taps. By default sensitivity level is set to Medium.

Double Tap Actions

In the Double Tap actions Section, you can change the actions or preferred tasks to when you double-tap on the back. By default, it was set to google assistant. however you can modify them or add more actions, also you can define them when to run the tasks. which is named “Gates” in this app.

Triple Tap Actions

There is also an option which is known as Triple tap action, Just like a double-tap, Triple tap offers the same features but with a triple tapping on the back of your android phone.


This is a section where you can set a particular situation for your particular tasks. This section allows the app to understand the situation and Block the gestures from running in a particular situation. you can toggle these settings as per your need.

  • Display Off – Blocks the Gestures when the device’s screen is off.
  • Display On – Blocks the Gesture when the device’s screen is on.
  • USB Drive – Blocks the Gestures for half a second when a USB drive, the Thumb drive is plugged in.
  • On-Call – Blocks the Gestures when the device is on the call, eg- Whatsapp, Messenger.
  • Charging – Blocks the Gestures for half a second when your device is plugged in.
  • Keyboard Open – Blocks the Gestures when the keyboard is open and in use. It may not work while you are not actively typing.
  • Pocket – Blocks the Gestures when the proximity sensor detects an object. This stopped the gesture from taking input when your device is in the pocket, flipped on a table.
  • Table – Blocks the Gestures when the phone is placed down flat, for example – on a table.


Feedback features define the device Heptic feedback vibrations on a particular gestures input.

The vibrate toggle must be turned on to make sure it notifies when the gestures are used. It is enabled by default.

Vibrate When the DND Mode toggle is turned off by default. you can turn it on if you want to ignore the device DND settings.

Wake Device Toggle is used to wake up your device from sleep if it’s not already. by default it is set to On.


The advanced section is used to tweak some advanced settings for performance etc.

NOTE – these settings are experimental and may not work on your android device. if something went wrong Tap, Tap may stop working completely. To prevent this, just turn off all advanced settings and reboot your device.

Auto Restart service – This option allows you to automatically restart the app every once an hour. If you turn off the accessibility service from your phone setting, It would lead to close the app and its functions too.

Custom Sensitivity – It allows the users to set the custom sensitivity value for the gesture. It is advisable to only use this if None of your build-in sensitivity values are working for you.

Legacy Wake device Method – It uses the legacy method to wake up the device with the Wake device option enabled. It may not work on every android device.

Backup And Restore

This section is simply used to back up all your app settings to the cloud or in your local storage, and restore them later.

Battery & Optimizations

If you didn’t disable the battery optimizations from your default android settings, It would kill the app after a certain time period which disables the gesture functionality. to prevent this, you need to disable the battery optimizations from killing the background service of this app.

There are some buttons provided to navigate to your build-in android optimizations setting to disable them and to make this app runs smoothly.


So here is an in-Depth and Detailed look around of Tap, tap Back gesture app. I hope you found this article informative. If you wanted to take a glimpse of android 11 and IOS 14, then you should definitely try this out, if you haven’t already. And let me know in the comment section If your android phone supports it.

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