Cash App Money Transfer Review [2021]

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Cash app money transfer= Due to the effect of Covid-19. Nowadays peoples tend to find more convenience in cashlessness mode. As it is easy and simple. Tech companies are focusing on improving their Money transfer services for android and IOS devices. Cash app is also on the list of those apps, which is gaining decent popularity in the US due to its awesome features and functions as compared to other money transfer apps.

However, due to tough competition in the market of online money transfer apps and services such as Paypal and google pay. Still, the Cash app is gaining a quite good user base because of its investing process which is ideally great for beginners. easy mobile banking services and many more.

Lets take a look at what Cash App exactly is and how can it be useful for smartphone users.

1.What is Cash App?

Cash app is an easy-to-use app developed by Square, Inc. It stands as a tough competitor against top-level money transfer apps such as Paypal. Although this app offers many basic features such as sending and receiving money, Debit card transactions, and trading in cryptocurrency too. this app can help you make easy transactions with your colleagues, friends, or any cash app users.

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It’s a great app for beginning the journey in trading and transferring money as well. This app also provides its own ‘Debit card’ known as cash card which helps in purchasing products and services. you can also invest your money in buying stocks and purchasing bitcoins through the cash card it provides.

2.Deposit Money on Cash app Wallet.

Before using the Cash app, you have to top up your cash app wallet by depositing your cash from your bank account. To do this you have to head towards the top left corner and click on the banking tab option where you can deposit as much money you want from your bank account to the Cash app.

Loading money from your linked account can benefit you in purchasing any online products or can be used to transfers funds between your beneficiary accounts or other Cash app users.

3.How to Transfer Money With Cash App

To start using the Cash app, Firstly you should have a bank account in your name, through which you can create a Cash app account. you have to download the Cash app for android or IOS smartphones. Then you have to go through the entire sign-up process, where you have to input your bank account details to verify your ownership.

The linked bank account can be used to send money from your cash app account to other cash app users and Vica versa. Just like the other payment services like Paypal, the Cash app plays a similar role in transferring and receiving cash. While you can also hold your cash app wallet money before transferring it directly to your bank account.

4.How to Send Money to other Cash App Users

To send your cash app money to other cash app users. you can follow the process below.

  • Open the Cash App on your android or IOS.
  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Tap “Pay.”
  • Enter the email address, phone number, or “$Cashtag” (another person’s username in the app).
  • Enter what you are sending the payment for.
  • Tap “Pay.”

By this method, you can easily send your cash app money to any other cash app users through their Cashtag.

You can also view your payment history by tapping the Activity tab inside your Cash App. and view your total amount deposited inside your ‘My Cash‘ tab inside your Cash app.

5.Pros Of Cash App

cash app pros and cons

There are lots of features and things that make the Cash app better and useful than other online payment apps. Such as –

Begineer Friendly

Cash app comes with a very easy and beginner-friendly for anyone who is new to android or IOS can adapt the interface of cash app. It makes it easier for users to sign up and transfer money too. When you create your account with email, phone number, and Cashtag, You can start using it once the process gets completed. No need to wait for any extra tasks for the Cash app to work. Cashtag works as an identity of you which helps in sending or receiving money more conveniently.

Just with few clicks, you are inside the Cash app where you can easily navigate through the entire app and its functions such as transfer money, My cash menu, activity Tab, Investing menu, etc. Which makes the Cash app beginner-friendly and innovative with its organized and well-designed interface.

Free Optional Debit Card

The cash app comes with its own debit card which lets users withdraw money or make transactions through their Cash app account. Sutton Bank issued the card for the users which is absolutely unique for Cash app users. The debit card it provides isn’t connected to any of your bank account or any of your other Debit card. It is purely just for the Cash App account.

Referral Bonus

The Cash app also comes with their referral program where you can refer your invite code to your friends or families and earn between $5 to $15 When someone sign-up through your invitation code.

This can be very helpful for you if you want to generate a source of income if you have a youtube channel or audience where you can share your referral code or affiliate the Cash App with other people and earn a decent amount of money.

Bitcoin Accessibility

One of the best parts of this Cash app is that it can be used in trading bitcoins. Here you can buy or sell bitcoin according to the market value. But you have to keep in mind that the Cash app charges two small fees when trading. one of them was a service fee which is used to maintain the app revenue. and the second fee was determined by the price volatility of U.S exchanges.

Auto Investing

This app also comes with the ability to invest in stock markets as well. you can buy any stocks for any particular company. You can also invest any amount of money and purchased them from your cash app account. If you don’t have enough money in your Cash app account then you can invest your money from your linked bank account too.

If you are a regular trader. then this app may help you in buying bitcoins or stocks on a regular buying basis. Where you can set your schedule for buying on daily and weekly formats, which helps in building your trading experience better. This is also one of the best features that this app comes with, which is really helps regular traders and investors by not having to invest their own time in buying stocks.

Low Charges

Apart from being a beginner-friendly app, this app understands the value of users through which this app doesn’t charge any amount on basic features such as no monthly charge fees, no charges on sending or receiving money, no international transactions charges, and at last no user unavailability fee.

6.Cons Of Cash App Money Tranfer

cash app pros and cons

Like all other apps, Cash app money transfer also comes with some drawbacks, but it doesn’t mean that this app is not comparable with others. let us see what factors this app can be improved.

lack of advanced features

This app contains many features, but some of them are not very impressive or considered as limited to the users. like when you are on the investing tab, the chart shows very minimal pieces of information as per the competition. you cant see the highs and lows of any stocks in numerical values, just the line going up or down doesn’t seem to be valuable for traders and investors.

Customer support availability

Customer support is something that comes in need when you ran into some sort of problem. Unfortunately, the support section of this app lacks behind. This app doesn’t provide real-time customer support via online chats or any other way. However, there is a support section available on their website. The only way to contact them is by mailing your queries and questions regarding your issue.

Unlike other apps, the Cash app is improving and growing constantly while listening to their user feedback. Hence, your issues can be solved by emailing them through their contact support.


Cash app is considered a quite impressive app when it comes to simple and daily money-related tasks such as sending or receiving, transferring money, spending, buying stocks, and many more. the ease of usability and simple interface of this app makes it more unique and outstanding. If you have any queries or questions regarding this article, Do let me know in the comment section.

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