10 Best WhatsApp Alternatives in 2021

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As you know WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. which is the most popular messaging app on the internet. The company focused on providing regular updates and features to ensure that the position always stays on the top. however, Top 10 WhatsApp alternatives are here to save you from digital privacy leaks.

Whatsapp recently announced some changes to its privacy policy which clearly shows that it will collect some hefty amount of data from your device and share it with Facebook. Many people don’t like these privacy policy changes as in the past Facebook company doesn’t have a clean record with their data handling.

People generally wanted to save themselves from getting their data and their privacy leaked. But due to its convenient user-friendly and easy interface makes it more challenging to migrate from one messaging app to another as we are getting more addicted to WhatsApp for day-to-day texts. 

However, if you are someone who wants a more secure and convenient messaging platform then here is a list of Our 10 best WhatsApp alternatives for chatting in 2021

1) Telegram messenger

telegram messenger for android

Telegram is one of the most popular cloud-based cross-platform messaging which mainly focuses on speed, privacy, and security.

Telegram is an open-source messaging platform which is developed by Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai. Pavel maintains commercial needs while Nikolai maintains the technical needs of this app. Their development team is situated in Dubai which is definitely not controlled by any government and unlike Facebook or WhatsApp, it doesn’t show ads or share data with other companies.

Apart from being one of the best WhatsApp alternatives, it also delivers unlimited storage capacity unlike WhatsApp, which has limited online data storage for individuals.

Along with the basic features of WhatsApp, telegram supports many new features including groups limits up to 100,000 people, usernames, public channels, ability to share large files without any limit, security lock and self-destructing messages which are nowadays very essential and the last and most important end to end encryption in secret chats.

Then there are telegram bots that provide some information about the particular channel or any individual small community to help others understand better and also one of the best WhatsApp alternatives out there.

Platform:  Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web

2) Signal messenger

signal messenger for android, safe and secure.

Signal is also one of the popular chatting apps which focused primarily on user security and privacy. Similar to WhatsApp you can send text messages, create groups. Share files and make voice/video calls too.

After WhatsApp privacy issues, the signal is gaining huge popularity every day due to the tweet of Elon Musk which goes insanely Viral on Twitter. 

The signal is an open-source and free platform that is owned by a non-profit organization and supported by donations.

Signal also supports end-to-end encryption between private and group chats and the voice numbers are transmitted to the server anonymously which makes it more secure. hence, the best WhatsApp alternatives in my opinion.

By far it is one of the great apps for people who want a simple and secure messaging app that is supported by both IOS and Android. for those who are searching for the best WhatsApp alternatives in terms of safety and security with enhanced privacy features, then Signal might be the best pick for you.

Platform: Android, IOS

3) Snapchat

Snapchat app for android download to free

Creating online stories was first introduced by Snapchat then later Instagram adopted it and then by many other apps. 

Snapchat is a widely popular story-sharing app that used to show people stories in their timeline before it disappeared after 24hr. 

Although Snapchat also supports chatting but more focused on visual interactions through images or videos across users. It contains some unique and fun features that no other messaging apps have. Whenever anyone takes a screenshot of chats, Snapchat notifies the user which is a very handy feature but the very least messaging apps have to offer.

Snapchat became widely popular due to very innovative ideas and features which many messaging apps like WhatsApp and Instagram lack. however, they later copied from Snapchat.

Most importantly, it offers the best face masks collections which are better than any of the apps available in the market. Hence this app gets loved by a large number of people. If you are a fan of uploading your stories frequently, then Snapchat can be one of the best WhatsApp alternatives.

Platform: Android, IOS 

4) Line

line messenger android apk

The line is also a very popular messaging app that has a daily active user base of 200 million.

The line brings many unique features like WhatsApp line contains end to end encryption, messaging, video and voice calls, etc.

However, as compared to WhatsApp it brings a line-out feature that lets line users make international calls outside to non-line users, which is definitely incredible. It supports features like line keep( which lets you save your favorite images or messages), a cool sticker store, passcode lock, themes, and much more.

Similar to Whatsapp, it also contains a timeline tab that shows status updates of your friends.

It is definitely one of the considerable options to choose from after WhatsApp. However. It may look quite bloated to WhatsApp users due to a bit of complex interface but there is nothing wrong with that. Things take time to get used to. You should definitely give the line a try if you want a better replacement for WhatsApp.

Platform: Android, iOS, iPad, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Chrome, Firefox 

5) Skype

skype messenger android apk

Skype is one of the oldest and most popular video calling and chatting apps with millions of users worldwide. Many professionals and company interviews always choose to use skype in terms of video calling with their colleagues and employees because they trust and understand the level of security and features that this app provides.

However, nowadays the market is flooded with lots of video calling apps and chatting apps but still, skype isn’t going to lose its spark anytime soon due to many reasons, like minimal and feature-rich user-friendly interface. One of the best Whatsapp alternatives in terms of video calling and conference calls.

If you are the one who makes plenty of video or voice calls then I would suggest skype is the best option. Since skype is world-famous and is widely used by many firms and companies it would be better for your convenience with your colleagues, friends, and family. and also the best WhatsApp alternatives for the web and other platforms too.

Platforms:  Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Web

6) Discord

discord android apk

If you are a gamer and watch gaming youtube channels then you have definitely heard about the discord app. It’s not just because discord is used amongst gamers but it is more than just a chatting app between your mates. It comes with a variety of discord servers that lets you interact with your types of interests.

With discord, you can send text messages, gifs, emojis, images, etc, and voice and video call as well. Since discord gets integrated with many huge online streaming platforms such as  Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Battle.net, Steam, GitHub, Reddit, Twitter, and Xbox Live, you can definitely expect seamless performance and messaging which is alternately better than WhatsApp in many ways. You can consider this app as one of the best WhatsApp alternatives out for now.

If you want a better messaging experience with your group members, then you can always create discord servers that let you add more people. Hence like many large content creators who picked discord instead of WhatsApp, then I am sure it is a way better Whatsapp alternative in terms of creating a small community of group members. you can consider this also as one of the best WhatsApp alternatives on the internet right now.

Platforms:  Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web

7) Wire

wire messenger for android

The wire is another great app that comes with end-to-end encryption. It was founded in 2014 and developed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis, so it is an absolutely better Whatsapp alternative in 2021.

Since the wire is somewhat similar to the telegram which comes with cross-platform features and helps users continue their chats on other devices without any hassle. But due to some security concerns, it doesn’t let users access chats of different devices to different devices.

For example, if you chat with your phone, it doesn’t let you access the same messages again on your PC.

Platforms: Android, IOS, PC, Web

8) Threema

threema messenger for android

Threema is yet another chatting app made especially for smartphones with a user-friendly interface like WhatsApp.

Threema packs with some useful features like end-to-end encryption, image sharing, location sharing, and so on. Unlike WhatsApp, it uses anonymous contacts uploads to their servers and does not store metadata. It is a kind of app that not only prioritizes security but also the privacy of the users.

Since theema is also open-source with comparably fewer numbers of users, this makes this app fast and reliable. However it does come with many basic features such as Pin Lock, encrypted calls, and voting feature, although this app is not free, it is definitely worth the purchase with quality numbers of users and a clean interface with no intent to show ads in the future.

Platforms: Android, IOS

9) Viber

line messenger for android

Viber is yet another widely popular messaging app that is really impressive. As compared to WhatsApp, it supports some great features like end-to-end encryption in calls, messages, and media.

features like multi-device messaging support are also present with encryption, which isn’t included in WhatsApp.

Similar to WhatsApp, Viber also comes with video and voice calls but one which stands out is Viber out feature, which lets you do international and non-Viber calls at minimal rates.

Hence, Viber comes with nice and fulfilled features that include stickers, file sharing, voice/video messages, etc. Viber also comes with google drive backup support which is definitely a good move. 

Viber games and sticker stores are other extra features that basically let you enjoy this app more than ever. If you want some advanced features which don’t come with WhatsApp yet very similar to WhatsApp, then Viber would be a great choice. if you are willing to find a better app with hefty features as compared to WhatsApp then Viber is a great choice.

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows (Free, with rates for Viber Out)

10) KIK

kik messenger for android apk digital firefest

Kik is also a great messaging app that requires only your email ID to log in with their service. Unlike WhatsApp, it is great for the ones who don’t want to use their phone numbers in their messaging service. when you register with your email id, then it let your chat with other Kik users without adding any phone numbers.

Kik messenger comes with all the necessary features that a messenger should have, like video sharing, image sharing, emojis, gifs, etc, and many other basic features. 

Similar to telegram Kik also supports Bots which can be useful for playing quizzes, get the latest information about groups, the latest notice or news, and much more, which is definitely not present on WhatsApp. 

Kik becomes a unique messaging app due to its non-requirement of phone numbers and that could definitely change the way of how a chatting app works. You should definitely try Kik messenger to fulfill your needs of finding the best WhatsApp alternatives in the market.

Platforms: Android, IOS 


I hope you liked any of these messaging android apps to maintain your security and privacy in this virtual world, before trying any of these messaging apps you should also refer it your friends and families to make sure have a greater community when you use these WhatsApp alternatives.

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