Best Telegram Client For Android in 2021

Best telegram Client for Android

Best Telegram Client for android in 2021 – Telegram is one of the most popular and secure instant messaging service for many platforms including android. One of the best features that telegram provides is that it has many clients available which are developed by different developers for many different platforms, which enhances the capability of the Telegram messaging app and provides us the best and well-needed features that other messaging apps lack.

Every telegram application’s clients for android are different from each other, as it is developed and designed by different developers, which contributes to the user requirement and the most needed features which are useful for telegram users.

why use telegram client

To use the full potential of telegram and obtained the most powerful features of one of the best instant messaging is to use the custom-made telegram application for android. Each telegram client contains different customizations and features which are required by the different userbases.

People who want to customize their messaging app by extreme levels, and want to unlock the real power of telegram app, should once have to use any of these telegram clients to know what telegram app is capable of.

top 5 best telegram client for android

Here I have listed the top 5 telegram clients that are available in the play store and also considered as the most secured and best telegram client available for android in 2021.

1. Plus Messenger

plus messenger

Plus messenger is one of the best telegram client available for android at the moment. Its customizations are endless and its features are more than any other telegram API client.

Just because the plus messenger is based on the unofficial telegram client, it doesn’t mean that it lacks any of the advanced features. it has more than 20 million downloads on the play store and is considered the best messaging app on the play store.

Basically, if you are someone who uses telegram as the primary messaging app, then you should definitely try out the plus messenger to get the most out of the telegram application.


  • Separated tabs for chats: users, groups, channels, bots, favorites, unread, admin/creator.
  • Many options to customize tabs.
  • Multi-account (up to 10).
  • Categories. Create custom groups of chats (family, work, sports…).
  • Categories can be saved and restored.
  • Change default app folder.
  • Different sorting methods for chats.
  • Increased the limit of pinned chats to 100.
  • Increased favorite stickers limit to 20.
  • Show floating notifications when users are online/writing.
  • Select all chats and apply different options (read, mute/unmute, archive…).
  • Forward messages without quoting. Edit message/caption before forwarding.
  • Save documents using the original name.
  • Copy selection of text message.
  • Set photo quality before sending.
  • Show user’s bio in chat.
  • Add time to floating date in chat.
  • Start round video using the main camera.
  • Show download progress.
  • Quick switch between chats through the quick bar.
  • Show user messages and media in group chat.
  • Show/hide mute/unmute button from channels.
  • More than 10 different bubbles and checks designs.
  • Hide mobile number from navigation menu drawer and settings menu.
  • Show username instead of mobile number in the navigation menu.
  • Easily switch to night mode from the navigation menu.
  • Show/hide options from the navigation menu.
  • Use phone emojis.
  • Use phone font.
  • Save and restore Plus settings.
  • Chat counter.
  • And many more.

If you want to customize your plus messenger themes or want to download the pre-made themes, you can simply install the themes for plus messenger from the play store.

2. Telegram X

telegram client for android

Telegram X is also considered as one of the best alternative telegram client for android in 2021. The fact that Telegram X is quite similar to the official telegram app, It packs many powerful features and themes customizations that even the official telegram app lacks.

Smoother animations, sleek performance, Simple and user-friendly UI with long pressing preview, make this telegram X stand apart from other telegram clients.

telegram X is available for both android and IOS, so you don’t miss the functionality of telegram X on any of those platforms.


  • View & edit privacy effective for specific user or chat members via Profile — Three-Dot Menu – Edit Privacy
  • Quizzes 2.0: Explanations & Timer
  • Edit channel messages without date limit
  • Markdown in notifications
  • Added an option to silence non-contacts
  • In-App Camera 2.0
  • Improved several admin tools

To understand and get more details on telegram X features and changelogs, visit their Telegram channel.

3. BGram

Bgram for android

Ggram is also based on the advanced telegram API client which comes with easy user Interface innovative features and functions.

Bgram also supports a built-in Tor browser, which is considered one of the best private and safe browsing networks available on the internet.

The best feature of Bgram is that it lets you add pinned posts up to 100 chats, which makes this telegram client an incredible app available for android.


  • Create your own chat tabs with icon support from png.
  • Direct chats: you can make new folder and set it as Direct chats, which will be shown in sidebar and as a tab.
  • Batch actions with chats (mark read, delete, etc.) and contacts.
  • Auto-merge your messages sent in a row.
  • Confirmation of sending audio, video messages, GIFs, stickers.
  • Change interface fonts with viewing and setting ttf from chat.
  • Hidden chats with telegram password protection and fingerprint login.
  • Auto-selecting proxy based on ping and connection speed.
  • Built-in TOR.
  • Forward messages without quoting, with editing, or adding caption to media.
  • Copy part of the message.
  • Improved formatting panel (with quote and reply to selected phrase).
  • Create links in two clicks.
  • Increase the limit of pinned chats to 100.
  • All types of shared media in the profile.
  • Photo in chat for the entire width of the screen.
  • Hide bottom panel in channels.
  • And many more.

Convenience to manage the group: clean from deleted, access to the avatar hold log, buttons in the profile, items in the context menu, batch forwarding from the log, make this app more interesting and user attractive which is why this bgram telegram client is on number 3 in our list.

If you have any queries related to Bgram or want to get updates with the latest news, you can join their Official telegram channel too. For support, you can join their telegram support group.

4. Vidogram

vidogram client for android

Vidogram is fairly new in the competition, but it’s gaining quick popularity due to its safe and advanced telegram API client framework. Apart from Regular telegram features, Vidogram packs with some most essential and unique features which are generally required for users to enhance their messaging experience.

Vidogarm also lets you customize the entire UI with the help of themes, Fonts, and colors. there are many new and updated combination of library themes that you would love to use it in your chats.

Vidogram basically packs the most requested features and functions which lacks in the official telegram app. Hence, this app is growing rapidly and getting to love by people more and more.


  • Free Video & Voice Call
  • Advanced Forward
  • Tabs & Tab Designer
  • Speech to Text Converter
  • Hidden Chats Section
  • Fonts and Themes

If you want to get updated with the latest news updates regarding Vidogram, consider visiting https://www.vidogram.org/

5. aka

AKA messenger client for android

Aka is one of the newest telegram API-based messaging app, which promised to deliver the real messaging experience with their innovative design and Reliable User Experience.

Aka is also considered as one of the fast and powerful telegram API-based messaging app, which listens to user needs and adds the features or requirements, based on the user feedback.

The based features of Aka is that it lets based on their types and later you can reach them in the bottom tabs in the main page without any issue.


  • Secret Chat features.
  • Fast, Unlimited, Secure and reliable messagin app.
  • Chats filter based on their types.
  • Free and unlimited cloud storage.
  • Login in to Aka is hassle free.
  • consistently adding new featues and improving the overall experience.


I hope this article would help you find the best telegram client for your android in 2021, as the userbase of the telegram is increasing rapidly, many groups and supports also prefer telegram nowadays.

Among these telegram APIs, In the comment section, let me know which telegram client is more useful and user-friendly for you.

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