top 4 Best NetEase Battle Royale Games in 2021

4 Best NetEase Battle Royale Games (1)

If you are searching for the Best NetEase Battle Royale Games in 2021, Then you have come to the right place. Here I am listing down the top 4 battle Royale Games which are developed by a popular Company named “NetEase”.

NetEase games are known for their video games which attract many gamers around the world. This video game company developed many top-level games such as ‘Identity V’ which is one of the widely popular survival horror games.

The best part where NetEaseGamese leads are, they developed Cross-platform Video games including Android, IOS, and PC. Apart from that their unique gameplay controls and Thrilling adventure attract many gamers around the world.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 best NetEase Battle Royale Games in 2021 which you must try. I am sure you would love to play these games on your devices.

1.Rules of Survival

rules of survival battle royale game

You would have seen many Online multiplayer battle royale games are getting popular nowadays. Rules of Survival is one of those games that started the trend of online multiplayer and battle royale. This game is a free-to-play, Online Multiplayer battle royale and survival game. In the beginning, it was launched exclusively for PC. It was released on 30th may of 2018, Which has taken the online multiplayer games to another level.

Rules of Survival is basically based on the battle royale strategy. Where you have to compete with other players and defeat them and survive yourself or with your team till the last zone. you can play with your team as this game comes with 4 mode which consists of Solo, Duo, Squad, and fireteam. In fireteam mode, Players can team up with 5 players and play as a team in the match.

This game also comes with 2 maps in the game, one is Ghillie Island where a total of 120 players can play in a match. and the second is Fearless fiord, where a total of 300 players can join and play a match at a time. Different modes such as Gold mode, Diamond mode, are also present, which can help you earn Gold and Diamonds throughout the match.


The match begins on the island where you will be jumped down from the airplane through a parachute. During landing, you can swipe through directions on the area you wanted to land on. Once you landed, you have to loot weapons, armors, and many types of equipment to survive inside the game. You can drive from one place to another through many vehicles present on the island.

The main motive is to search and defeat other players and loot their pieces of equipment to survive. you can also switch between first-person and third-person mode if you aren’t comfortable with any of the one.

As time passes while playing, the Zone slowly decreases, the one who is inside the Zone will be safe. The outer layer of the zone will damage the players the more it shrinks.

After the Game is Over, you will be rewarded with in-game currencies based on your gameplay, and skill points. These currencies can be used to purchase a supply box that contains items such as weapons skins or customizations, character customizations, and much more.

Game Features

1.Run or Fight!
2.Absolute fair play in a massive HD map.
3.Last Man Standing!
4.Solo or team mode in a 120 survivors’ battle.
5.Pick up and Use!
6.Wide variety of firearms and accessories.
7.Fast and Furious!
8.Drive vehicles across different terrains.

2.Knives Out

knives out battle royale game download

Knives Out is one of the popular free online multiplayer battle Royale games developed by NetEase, Which follows the same Battle Royale strategy. This Game also makes you experience the real battleground environment where you have to land on the battlefield with your teammates and compete against other players.

Knives Out is also available on Android, IOS & PC.


The game begins when you land on the ground with the parachute, In the battlefield, you have to defeat the other 99 players with your strategy and gaming skills. you can loot a large variety of high-powered weapons, Armors, and many types of equipment which makes your Battle Royale experience more immersive.

Vehicles can be useful for searching for enemies and traveling across the map. Similar to ROS, here also you have to be careful with the zone, Which will be damageable for the players who are out of the zone.

At the last, The one who is more focused, aware of their surroundings, and with the right use of their strategic skills can help them win the game.

Game Features

1.Wild Wide World
2.100 Enter. 1 Leave
3.Solo Or Team Play
4.Your Game, Your Tactics

3.Creative Destruction

creative destruction battle royale game

Creative Destruction is also one of the most popular NetEase games. This game is also based on similar Battle Royale mechanics. Where you can experience a unique new virtual world full of new buildings, firings, and endless fun. People who play Fortnite would love this game as well, as this game also comes with similar kinds of stuff.

Creative Destruction is available on platforms like Android, IOS, and PC. and also on Steam for free.


Creative Destruction equips with a large battlefield and also comes with 13 unique spots to explore, players can experience the real-time variations and weather changes inside the battlefield which will make the gaming experience more fun and exciting.

With the large varieties of unique and powerful weapons to pick from such as Flame thrower, Bowling bomb, etc., and many basic weapons to choose from like machine guns, shotguns, sniper, rifles, pistols, etc, the immersive gaming experience inside the battlefield of Creative Destruction will be endless.

With full of many surprises within the game, you can also create many things or dismantle them with the help of a secret weapon known as the destructor. A workshop system can be used inside the battlefield to help you build building materials and many unique things with ease.

Players can enjoy the most playable classic battle mode, where they can enjoy various battle modes during their spare time. Also, they can enjoy systems developed in-game functions like Chats, Gallery, Supply, Season, etc. Also, many interesting features required for the best gaming experience, you can even find many hidden objects and stuff within the game, Which excites many players around the world.

Game Features

1.Various Resorts
2.Free dismantling & Interesting building
3.Unique Weaponry
4.Diverse gameplay

4.Cyber Hunter

cyber hunter battle royale game download

Cyber Hunter is altogether a brand new game provided by NetEase. This game will make your Battle Royale experience to another level. Cyber Hunter is a first-person, free-to-play game that can be played in solo, duo, or squad modes. This game is mainly packed with lots of different modes like survival, shooting while focusing on the skills, and many more elements to explore.

Cyber Hunter is also available for Android, IOS, PC, and Steam as well.


Cyber hunter comes with a role-playing system. where players can play the role of gold diggers, In the gold digger role, you have to defeat other gold diggers to win the game. You can collect many valuable items, during the gameplay. while defeating other players within a limited time, you can exchange the loots with in-game currency. These currencies can help you to buy many powerful weapons and increase your net worth in the game circle.

You can also customize the character face with hundreds of designs and can create a unique character with unique combinations of designs. On the battlefield, you can even swim into the deep sea, or fly into the sky. there are lots of function which makes this game apart from battle Royale games.

The diverse environment of the cyber hunter is unique for gamers, such as many mountains and terrains to explore, waterfalls, temples, and many scenes which can make you fall in love with this game. you will find lots of weapons and machinery in this eye-catching environment.

Game Features

1.Vivid characters with verisimilar faces
2.Special skills and tactics
3.Explore and fight in a sandbox world
4.Take to the skies to search for what you need. Become a parkour expert and knock your enemies out in style


So here is my list of Top 4 Best NetEase Battle Royale Games in 2021 that you can play and enjoy with your friends. These NetEase games are free to play and quite exciting for gamers. You will be thrilled to enjoy the gaming experience and their graphics. If you have any other opinions regarding this article, you can comment below and let me know.


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