Best Gboard tricks for android in 2021

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Google Keyboard is one of the best Android keyboard apps in the world. Gboard has billions of downloads all over the world, Due to which It has many users surfing for the best settings possible for their comfort. Some users also in search of the best Gboard tricks in 2021.

If you are the one who is searching for the best Gboard tricks and settings for android in 2021, Then you have already completed the first step by visiting my article.

Gboard is one of the few Google apps that come pre-installed on most of the latest android devices. Due to which users are more comfortable with the User interface of the Google keyboard. For IOS users, they can also download google Keyboard from the App store.

How To Use Gboard On Android

Many android users aren’t aware of the keyboard they use. hence they didn’t get to know the full potential of the Google keyboard. But not to worry if you are here and reading this, then today I am glad that you will become mature enough to use the google keyboard at an advanced level.

1.First of all, If you didn’t have gboard (google keyboard) inbuild on your android smartphone, you can easily click on the link below and install the latest version of the google keyboard available.

2.After installing the gboard on your android, You have to set Google keyboard as the current keyboard, If you haven’t done it yet.

3.Just go to settings and search for ‘Input Method’ in your setting search bar. If you can’t find the ‘input method’ section. follow STEP 4.

4.Every android phone settings are different, So you have to search for the Input Method section within your language selection menu. Or if you are an MIUI user, Then head towards the ‘Additional Settings’ in your settings app, and click on the ‘language & input’ option. Under the ‘Input Method section’, you can change your desired keyboard or Set “Google keyboard” as your default.

5.After successfully changing your previous keyboard to Gboard, Now you can easily use the Google keyboard in your android.

Best Gboard Settings For Android [2021]

Gboard Best settings can be really useful for every power android user. To change your default gboard settings to the best settings for gboard, Follow the steps below.

#1. Change Language in Gboard Android

Did you know, you can type in more than 100 languages on Google keyboard. To Type in your native language, simply heads towards the First option of the setting of Google keyboard which is known as “Language”

To access the settings menu of gboard, open the gboard anywhere and long press on the comma button, a gear icon will appear, tap on it and you will be directed to the settings menu of the gboard.

Click on the language which is the first option in the menu, now click on the “Add keyboard” button located below.

There you can access a huge variety of languages to choose from, Simply click on the desired language, and it will be added to your language menu.

If you want to change to other languages or switch between any, just “long-press on the space bar” and select your desired added language.

#2. Turn on Number Row

If you are the type of user who always types numbers from your gboard, then this setting should be turned on to save your time plus effort instead of repeatedly changing between numbers and alphabetical layout. This option basically enables the number section above your keyboard to save some time while focusing on typing.

You can find Number Row option in the ‘Preferences’ section inside the gboard settings on android as well as IOS.

#3. Emoji Stickers For Gboard

Now after the recent update, you can easily share the emoji stickers through gboard within seconds. Just enable the ‘Emoji Stickers’ from Preferences Section, also turn on the ‘Emoji Fast access row’ to enable a bar above the keyboard layout to instantly share your recently used emoji without any hassle.

#4. Spell Check For Misstypers.

For those who make frequent mistakes while typing, you can turn on the ‘Spell Check’ option from the ‘Text Correction’ section menu, which would definitely help in marking your misspelled words with red underlines while typing, hence you can correct them easily.

This can be useful if you don’t use the auto-correction option. For most people who don’t prefer the auto-correct option, this spell check feature can be really helpful.

#5. Gestures Typing

If you are still a kind of Old 90s guy, who used to type whole words and phrases each and every time to complete their sentences, which would definitely take a hell of a lot of time. Instead, Gesture typing will save a lot of your precious time by helping you type more efficiently through swiping gestures all over the words.

It makes it easy for everyone to understand and learn, once you step onto it. You just have to enable the Glide typing feature from the Glide typing section inside the setting of your gboard settings.

#6. Long lives the Clipboard

If you arent aware of the clipboard function of gboard then you should read this. The clipboard feature is not just about the content of text or images you save. It’s about how much it can be saved and how it can be easily accessible for you.

To start using the full version of your clipboard, Open your gboard layout, and click on the three-dot button, there you will find the clipboard icon, from there you can enable the clipboard of your gboard, where you can save any amount of your copied texts or images inside the gboard. also, you can delete or pin your important copied data to save it prolonged.

Talking about Clipboard, If you wanted to show your recently copied text or images. You can enable it through the setting of the gboard.

#7. Delete your Learned data from Gboard

Your data is precious, everyone has some amount of data on the internet, and this makes them scared. But if you are thinking about deleting all typed and learned data from your keyboard. Then gboard makes it more straightforward to protect and respect your privacy.

Gboard saves your typed data and words to make sure to give you the best and improved typing experience, which includes voice typing, gestures typing, emojis used. These data also helped them learn better and improve their services for everyone.

If you wanted to delete your typed data and learned words, just heads toward the gboard setting and in the ‘Advanced’ section, you will see at the last. ‘Delete learned words and data’. by clicking on this option, you have to agree that this operation cannot be undone and it will erase all your data and words learned by google till now.

Best Gboard Tricks for Android [2021]

Gboard comes with many tricks to ease your efforts and time by utilizing the full potential. You should definitely follow any of these tricks provided to master gboard in typing experience.

#1. One Hand Mode

As you know nowadays smartphones are getting bigger day by day, and it is becoming harder for small hands to access Keyboard without the use of both hands. To solve this problem, Gboard had a feature which is known as one hand mode, which lets you type and access all gboard functions with your one hand. which significantly makes the keyboard smaller and more efficient.

To enable this feature, you have to go to the setting of your gboard, under ‘Preferences’. you will find the ‘one-handed mode’ option. you can select either right or left-hand mode as per your choice.

Alternatively, you can enable the one-handed mode from the keyboard itself. to do that you have to tap on the ‘three-dot button above the keyboard, and enable one-handed mode from there.

#2. Custom Emojis Stickers

Emojis are a very essential part of our life, which is why it is required now and then. But due to the lack of some of the expressions in the emojis pack, it is harder for you to express your sudden feelings. But not to worry gboard already has a feature that other keyboards lack, you can easily create your own custom gboard emojis stickers and share them with your friends.

To access your custom emojis, Click on the Emojis stickers icon on the gboard app.

Now click on the Plus button above to make your own desired emoji or access many pre-available ones.

Click on the ‘Minis’ tab and enable the camera access. Which is also known as ‘gboard emoji minis’

Now you can create your own custom emojis with the help of your own face and use them to share with your friends and have fun. 😉 This is by far one of the best gboard tricks which makes this keyboard stand against its competitors.

#3. Add Custom Images In Gboard

Many keyboard apps come with their own predefined theming options. Where you only have limited options to choose from. But in gboard, you can easily set your own custom images and show them behind your keyboard layout.

To Set your custom images. head over to the setting of the gboard.

Over the ‘themes’ option, select the Plus tab under the ‘my themes’ section and choose your desired image from your gallery.

You can also choose to have their large variety of pre-included themes, including many colors, landscape images, and gradient shades. (One of my favorite theme was ‘Dark green’ which can be found under the Dark gradient tab).

#4. Translation Simplified

Whether you speak English or any other language. typing can never come in your way while interacting with other people who speak different languages. With google translate simplified and integrated within your gboard, can access your inbuilt translator in just a few steps.

Click on the translate symbol icon on the keyboard and just type the language you prefer to translate it to another language. With this feature preloaded, you can easily translate any language to another like a piece of cake.

#5. GIFs Prebuild On Gboard

Gifs are also one of the useful elements used by many peoples nowadays. whether you use emojis or not, Animated short Gifs can be very entertaining at some point.

Before, people used to save Gifs on their phones locally, and then share them with their friends. But Here with gboard, You can directly access with a large library of Gifs within the app.

To access Gifs, Click on the Emoji icon on the bottom of your gboard.

At the bottom, you will notice the gifs tab, where you can find or search enough Gifs images to fulfill your peace of mind.

#6. Add Personal Words to Your Dictionary

Many Words are new to Google and hence they don’t appear on the suggestion tab of your gboard. But instead of getting annoyed by correcting the same word again and again. you could just save your frequently used words or personal words into the gboard dictionary.

To add your words, go to the gboard setting and select the ‘Dictionary’ option.

There you will find a personal dictionary option, click on it and select the language you want to save the words for.

Now click on the Plus button on the Top right corner to add a word.

Now you can easily add any of your words and shortcut related to it.

Note– You can also use this option to add your frequently used email address. So you won’t have to write your email address again and again.

#7. Cursor Control from Spacebar

The last gboard trick will help you solve your most frequent issue in your gboard. where most of you will agree, that you have at least once suffered while positioning the cursor when you mistyped the word or forgot to put punchuation between your words.

But gboard has found the solution for this issue apparently, you can now use your spacebar to move your cursor left or right. you just have to swipe your finger and move it left or right in the spacebar to control the cursor on the typing box.

This helps in providing you the full access to your typing and helps in correcting the words and saves your time.


So, that’s all in this article about the most useful settings and Best Gboard tricks, which can be very useful to master your typing experience and enhances your typing speed.

I hope you like this article, Do let me know about your favorite tricks or settings that come in handy for you. and also let me know about the most frequent tricks you used on your gboard.

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