Top & Best Gacha Games To Play In 2021

best gacha games

Are you the one who is looking for the Top and best Gacha games in 2021 to play on your android and IOS devices? Then you have come to the correct place.

Gatcha games in 2021 are gaining more popularity basically because of two reasons.

first, unlike other PRG games, these games are free to play. and does not require any pre-purchasing.

second, they are really very fun to play games as it comes with Gacha mechanics where you can play with new and fresh characters as well as you can build a different level of your entire world inside the game.

I have listed below some awesome Gacha games category-wise, so it would be easier for you to find the one best for you.

What is Gacha Games?

Gacha games are that kind of mobile RPG genre which are growing very rapidly, their audience is from Japan and nowadays this Mobile gaming has also taken a huge part in the mobile market in Asia.

Gacha games are mobile games that are free to play. With better characters and awesome graphics, Gacha games are attracting millions of mobile gamers around the world.

The best part of this game is that you can’t control what you get. the items are randomly generated and it would get a long time to get the character or the outfit you wanted, which makes these Gacha games really addictive.

The interesting feature of these gacha games is that the mechanics used. It offers great stories, interesting characters which involve emerging gaming experiences and make you fall in love with these best gacha games in 2021.

10 best Gacha Games 2021

Interesting thing is that I have split these gacha games into different FAQs which might help you to distinguish between some of the top & best gacha games in 2021.

1. Gacha Life

Gacha Life gacha games

Gacha life is a widely popular game which is directed by Lunime. This gacha game contains mechanics which is known as gacha mechanics, which makes you enjoy a new level of adventures.

In this game, You have the options to choose your own desirable anime character as well as customize their outfits as you like. after you have selected your desired character and outfit, now you can create the perfect scene from the gacha game studio to enjoy the perfect story of this Gacha life game.

Gacha life comes with a unique life mode story where you can chat with other players, connect with them, and adopt their latest strategy. You can also collect gems while playing which helps you to unlock rare gifts. Hence this game is a combination of various possibilities which can be helpful and enjoyable during your gameplay.

Availability: Android / IOS

2. Gacha world

Gacha world gacha games

Gacha world is a free-to-play one of the most popular games in 2021. In this game, you have the option to choose more than 90 characters, where you can also customize them with their skills and looks. basically, this gacha game’s concept is to save the world with various different boss enemies.

This gacha world is a little addictive due to its gacha mechanics and the fact that it does not forcibly make you buy in-app coins or money. because this game offers many different ways to earn in-game money to buy your characters or outfits.

Availability: Android / IOS

3. Gacha Club

Gacha Club gacha games

Gacha club is also based on the gacha mechanics which is available for both the android and IOS platforms. gacha club comes with unique 190+ units to help the beginner wins the battle. this game comes with a lot of anime players or characters which have endless levels of customizations.

You can collect gems, gold, and many materials and enter tower mode which is based on this game to make your gacha club gameplay more improved and better.

You can collect more rewards when you enter clubs in this game. The club is something which has a lot of customizations where you can create anything and also it doesn’t require any money.

At First, you can play with 10 characters with a free version. but if you want to enjoy 90+ characters, then you have to pay to unlock them. my recommendation is to first play the free version to enjoy the gacha mechanics and then upgrade for more characters.

Availability: Android / IOS

4. Tales of Erin

 Tales of Erin gacha games

Tales of Erin is again one of the Gacha games for Android and IOS. This gacha game features everything related to action, strategy, fantasy, adventure, etc. It comes with a great storyline too. With the help of gacha mechanics, it comes with great gameplay, and more than 40+ voice characters, and with a large library of soundtracks too.

Tales of Erin is probably considered the best gacha game due to the addition of 80+ characters available that you can collect. also, you can collect more than 80 characters while playing the game. Great graphics and animations are also responsible for the popularity of this gacha game.

Unlike other games, this Gacha game comes with random rewards system where the rewards you get aren’t based on a certain level of this game, it all purely depends on your luck.

If you are searching for real-time battles with various strategic moments, adventures, actions, movie-type scenes, and a great storyline. then you should consider this Gacha game as your choice.

Availability: Android / IOS

5. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends gacha games

Dragon Ball Legends is basically based on the combat system fighting where you have to beat the other players in combat form.

Unlike the series of dragon balls, this gacha game is simply taking the fighting mode of this gacha mechanics to the next level. It features unique combat with other players with touch features and unique 3D visuals. The best part of this game is the ease of playing with the control on the screen like swiping, tapping, flicking, etc.

Players can also gather teams of 10 characters to fight in the battle with the help of Chrono currencies. you can also unlock other players during an in-game event for free. however, you can also play characters such as Vegeta, Goku, etc from the dragon ball franchise.

Dragon Ball legends also come with numerous adventurous storyline gameplay which helps you enjoy the gameplay for a longer period.

Availability: Android / IOS

6. Arknights

Arknights gacha games

Arknights is a very unique styled gacha game. this game is a combination of both strategic and gacha RPG. This game features a story mode, events where you can unlock various characters for your team.

It’s based on tower defense style, where you have to stop enemies from entering your Base. you can place your defenders on the ground similar to the gameplay of plants vs zombies.

If you found those Tower defense-like strategic games, then this gacha game is for you. hence, this game comes with attractive visuals with anime-styled graphics as well as the ability to auto-deploy during the battle without touching your device.

Availability: Android / IOS

7. Azur Lane

Azur Lane gacha games

Azur Lane is one of the best and most famous oldest Gacha games which comes with some unique and impressive features during gameplay. unlike other Gacha games on the list, this Gacha game features 2D graphics, RPG, and strategy gameplays while shooting the enemies.

Azur Lane is also a beginner-friendly game, any newbie can adopt the gameplay of this RPG mechanism. which can be turned vert aggressive later after completing missions.

The addition of 300 characters and more to unlock during the gameplay makes it more interesting. you can even earn rewards during the mission which later helps you to buy in-game currency.

The best part of this Azur lane gacha game is that it’s a mixture of many genres includes RPG, strategic, shooting, etc which makes this game more interesting to the gamers.

Availability: Android / IOS

8. Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost gacha games

It’s an evergreen gacha game with a combination of RPG and turn-based gameplay. Dragalia Lost features interesting characters and a charmful environment with the addition of multiplayer mode. it’s action-packed with gacha mechanics where dragons and humans both assemble to fight with the enemies. this game also contains more than 60+ characters to choose from.

The storyline is great with built-in Gacha elements. you can also fight with your enemies with various different skills and armor included in the game. you can earn rewards during the gameplay to either buy yourself armors or become a dragon.

Gragalia Lost comes with a story of Heroes, dragons, aliens, etc where you have to conquer enemies. this game is featured packed with lots of actions and unique gameplay. which makes this game one of the best gacha games in 2021

Availability: Android / IOS

9. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact gacha games

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular gacha games which gains huge popularity in the year 2020. due to the fact this game is similar to the hugely popular Nintendo game which is BReath of the wild.

Genshin Impact’s gameplay consists of an action RPG with a mixture of basic gacha elements that contain an open-world environment, where you can glide through the mountains or swims through the rivers. you can do many tasks as well.

however, this game is a beautifully designed and graphics-oriented game due to which it requires some high GPU and CPU loads on your smartphone to handle this game.

Genshin Impact is the most lovable and intensively curated game which gone widely popular, hence if you wanna enjoy the gameplay of RPG and Open world adventure then this game is for you.

Availability: Android / IOS

10. Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force gacha games

Marvel strike force is generally based on the technique of gathering your favorite marvel character and jumping to the battlegrounds with gacha mechanics and an impressive storyline.

This game comes with attractive visuals as well as the soundtracks are awesome. it features PVP gameplays against real players around the globe.

This game has Five modes including Challenges, Arena, Raids Blitz, and Alliance War. playing these modes helps you to earn shards, which can be used to unlock more marvel characters.

You can form up the combinations of heroes and villains and battle against others in the 5vs5 players’ battle zone.

This marvel gacha game offers unique strategic moves and characters with different abilities which can be memorable to the marvel fans as well.

hence, if you wanna enjoy the battle modes with your favorite Marvel heroes, then you should consider playing this gacha game once.

Availability: Android / IOS


So here are all the top & best Gacha games in 2021 that you should try out and enjoy playing on your devices. I have answered some common FAQ below for you. do let me know in the comments if I missed any Gacha games which you loved.

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