Best Custom Roms For Android in 2021

Most popular custom rom in 2021 (1)

Best custom ROMs for android in 2021= Are you bored of using the same old Operating system on your beloved android phone and wanna try some new and fresh custom rom but don’t know which is the most popular custom ROMs in 2021?

Here I am sharing with you the list of some best and most popular custom rom in 2021 that you can flash in your android phone and unleash an altogether new User Interface in your android phone.

Before beginning, let me tell you that before using any custom rom Firstly you have to unlock your Bootloader from the respective methods provided by your OEMs.

Secondly, you have to install Custom Recovery Image on your android. If you don’t know how to do it, I will be writing another article regarding the process.

And third, I am not responsible for any damage that occurs during the process of installing custom ROMs, as you are doing at your own risk. Back up your data before doing any modifications to your phone.

1. Evolution X

evolution x custom rom.

One of the most popular customs is the one that fulfills everyone’s needs, whether it is stability, performance, security, or customizations.

Evolution X is a mixture of all these features which come preloaded in this rom.

The main functionality of this rom is to provide users the stock pixel AOSP feel with the best possible customizations the user needs.

Evolution X community is consistently growing every day due to the continuous support for many popular android devices and more joining every month with their updates.

Evolution x developers are working really very hard to make this rom the best for everyone’s needs.

Nowadays Evolution X developers are actively rolling out the latest security patches with many bug fixes.

The android 11 version of this rom has also been released for many official support devices through their respective maintainers. which also makes this rom as one of the most popular custom ROMs in 2021.

If you wanna try this stock AOSP feel with many useful customizations then you should try this rom and unleash the full potential of your device.

To know more about Evolution X, visit their Official page or join their telegram channel.

2. Pixel Experience

pixel experience custom rom

If you ever wanted to feel the true google flagship pixel devices then here is the most simple and most popular Pixel Experience Custom rom.

It is a fully stock AOSP Pixel Experience rom which is the cleanest rom of all. just like google pixel devices, Pixel experience rom also comes with the latest monthly security patches and bug fixes update every month.

Due to the stock AOSP and google pixel rom, Unlike other ROMs, Pixel Experience comes with the most basic customization or no customizations at all. Pixel Experience supports the majority of Android devices due to its vast numbers of community supports and userbase.

Although Pixel experience comes with no customization, Pixel experience devs also rolled out another version i.e Pixel Experience Plus, which comes with some basic customizations like Qs, buttons, gestures, fonts, and some basic tweaks while maintaining the stock pixel feel.

The main Focus of Pixel Experience devs is to provide the most basic stock clean and smooth custom rom with no clutter or bugs which generally comes while conflicting customizations in a custom rom. hence this makes this rom one of the most popular custom ROMs in 2021.

Pixel experience devs started rolling out the latest Android 11 with the latest monthly patches for their official android devices. you can try for your device too if your device maintainer provides or else you can also create your own pixel experience rom for yourself. although you need some coding skills to do that. to know more about building or downloading pixel experience for your device, you can go to their official website of Pixel experience or their official telegram channel.

3. Havoc Os

Havoc OS custom rom

Havoc Os is one of the most beloved, popular, and well-optimized fully customizable custom rom in the community. This custom rom comes with plenty of much-needed basic tweaks as well as the most required features that every custom ROMs user wants.

Although Havoc Os delays in providing monthly security patches and bug fixing updates, it doesn’t mean that this custom rom comes with any downside. Havoc Os devs work really promising in giving updates as soon as they can.

Havoc Os become popular during Android 8( Oreo ). it’s a well-polished and all-rounder and performance rom. which beats many other newcomers in the custom rom era.

unlike other custom ROMs, Havoc Os contain no compromises on any aspects whether its battery backup, performance, stability, smoothness, or security. hence it also becomes the most popular custom in 2021.

If you wanted to Havoc OS rom for your android device then you should definitely check out their Official Website or contribute to the community through their telegram channel.

4. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix custom rom

Hands down to the most popular, fully customizable, and oldest rom which is still active in 2021.

Resurrection remix is yet another most popular custom rom with a huge community. RR rom is basically known for its best-ever customization which no rom can provide. It is the combination of smoothness and fully customizable custom rom which users love to enjoy.

RR is based on lineage Os, while keeping the stock android feel as well as picking every possible tweak and feature that a custom rom user can imagine of, it shortly becomes everyone’s favorite rom.

back in 2019, RR development has stopped due to some issues. but now it becomes more active and successfully providing the latest updates with the latest security patches.

Hence RR has recently taken the leap and growing again in 2021. thanks to their developers and maintainers for reviving the most lovable custom rom from the dead and providing the most featured packed rom with tons of customizations. hence it also makes this rom one of the most popular custom ROMs in 2021.

Resurrection Remix Official website | Telegram channel

5. Corvus OS

corvus os custom rom

Corvus os is yet another newly released custom that is inspired by Dirty Unicorns and based on AOSP.

this rom recently gain much hype due to its plenty of features and customizations which many custom ROMs lack. unlike other ROMs, Corvus Os is mostly based on stability while picking up many feature-rich tweaks from different sources.

Corvus Os comes with most of the customizations similar to Evolution X but still, they provide an altogether different feel to different users.

this rom also comes with the latest security patches and an actively growing community with the latest android 11. Corvus OS devs try to put many needful much-needed tweaks and features which users wanted to have in their devices.

Maintaining the performance and customization ratio is the main motive of this rom, hence this rom is best for those who wanted to try different tweaks while maintaining the maximum performance from their devices.

Official Website | Telegram Channel

6. Lineage Os

lineage os custom rom

One of the oldest generations of Custom rom which was cyanogen Mod had been shut down in 2016 due to some issues. but it gains popularity again with a new name and that is Lineage OS.

If you ever came across someone who is familiar with custom ROMs then you should have heard about the name of lineage os, This rom has gained huge popularity and userbase due to its simplicity and stable performance. many custom ROMs are also based on lineage Os because of their source code.

Lineage Os focuses mainly on stability, performance, and security rather than customization or personalizations.

Many users don’t like to use lineage Os just because it gets boring after some time due to the lack of many customizations as compared to other custom ROMs in the list.

Still, lineage Os manage to become one of the most stable and tough competitions to other customs Roms in the community

Nowadays Lineage Os is losing its spark as of writing this article due to lack of regular monthly updates and quite fewer numbers of official supported devices.

If you want to feel the stability and simplicity of this rom then you should check out their Official website.

7. Arrow OS

arrow os custom rom

If you just wanted to have lightweight and simple user-friendly Custom Os which is based on AOSP then this Arrow Os is for you. This rom comes with minimal and basic customizations but with most of the needed features that every custom rom should contain.

unlike other ROMs, Arrow Os focuses mostly on battery backup and stability which makes this rom more interesting for the users who prefer to have lightweight and minimal custom Os in their device.

This rom also comes with the latest security patches and the latest version of Android 11 too. many bug fixes are done to make this rom buttery smooth as well as simple nearly like the stock android.

If you are the one who wants to enjoy simplicity with minimal customization and with the latest monthly updates, then check out their Official Website to know for your particular device.

8. Cr Droid Os

cr-droid os custom rom

One of the most popular custom rom which is based on lineage Os. This rom is basically designed to provide all-rounder features that a custom rom would contain. this custom rom comes with 50+ customizations including navigation button UI, sound settings, status bar customizations and many more that are getting added after every update.

Cr Droid devs focus primarily on providing stable and reliable performance as well as security in mind that can impress any custom rom enthusiast.

This rom also comes with the latest security patches and bug fixing updates every month, with a huge variety of supported official devices. Rom devs are also actively focusing on providing an android 11 based Cr Droid version very soon.

I would highly suggest you try this as one of the most popular custom ROMs in 2021. if you are the one who wants stability as well as performance and customizations then this rom is for you. Head over to their official website to know more.

9. Pixel Plus Ui

Pixel Plus Ui custom rom

Just after the development of extended UI stopped, Pixel Ui has come into the picture. Pixel Ui is based primarily on Pixel Experience with plenty of tweaks and features on top. this is rom makes no compromises on smoothness just like PE. which make this rom the most loved custom rom after Pixel experience in terms of smoothness and reliability.

hence, this rom is not so popular because it’s a newly released rom, but it is increasing its popularity by adding more official devices every month.

Pixel plus UI devs constantly providing every security patch and bug fixing update every month. but due to relatively new custom rom, many users don’t know about this rom.

If you wanted to feel the stock Pixel experience with just more customizations and modifications on top, then you should definitely try out this awesome custom rom.

Head towards their telegram channel or their Website to know more about any specific device or request them to provide updates for your device if your device doesn’t support it.

10. MSM Xtended

MSM Xtended custom rom

In the era of custom rom when RR isn’t available some time ago. MSM Xtended has taken the advantage of providing customizations to every bit of their UI. their developers have just used the right time to bump this custom rom to the custom rom community, which is really impressive.

Well, MSM Xtended is one of the most customizable and popular Custom rom in the community right now.

This highly customizable rom is based on AOSP which provides enormous tweaking ability to every aspect of the elements of this rom.

Apart from customizations, this rom also provide pretty stable performance and smoothness, which attracts the majority of users.

MSM Xtended also comes with the latest security patches however devs always tend to provide more personalization and bug fixes in every month of updates.

Check out their official website to learn more about the MSM Xtended.

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