12 Best Camera Apps For Android in 2021


Are you bored of using the default camera app on your android device? Worry not, because in this article we are going to list our top picked best camera apps for android phones in 2021.

From the past year, the camera of android phones has improved a lot, but due to the limitations provided by their OEMs. Duet to that Cameras of newer generations are not getting to their full potential. However, Android app developers have developed some of the best camera apps that not only enhance the Android device’s Camera but also unleash the real power and capabilities of Android devices.

There are many third-party camera apps that are incredibly powerful which comes with user-friendly UI too. So, to decrease your hassle of finding the best camera apps, which are fully loaded with features and the functionality that the users need in today’s generation.

Here we have gathered the 12 best camera apps for android, which can be really useful if you are a camera enthusiast.

1. Open Camera

Open Camera

Open Camera is one of the best open-source camera app available for the android platform, with some really powerful features and functions required for videography as well as capturing photos.

This camera app fully free version, which means you don’t have to pay a penny to use this fully featured camera app on your android.

The open camera also comes with a simple and clean UI, But also packs with many controls, such as capturing through your sound, picture alignment with the grid, reducing noise in the low light areas or in night mode, support for HDR, Camera2api support, exposure lock on the front camera too, and many more to explore.

The Settings menu packs much more features that are required by professionals videography. you can manually change and experiments with all those settings to choose the right setting for capturing phones or to create videos.

Size: 2.7M

Installs: 50,000,000+

Ratings: 4.1

Reviews: 2,20,905+

Download Open Camera from Play Store

2. Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360 is a free-to-download Camera app and Photo Editor for Android and IOS devices. It offers a vast amount of features that are required generally for photo editing. You can have two options to use this app, either Capture pictures or export any of your images from the gallery to experience the Camera 360 features.

Camera 360 offers a huge library of filters which has 300+ filters to incredibly enhance your photos and videos too. It comes with HDR functionality, LOMO which includes Retro and Black effects as well.

Although camera 360 packs with native camera features too such as burst mode, stabilizer modes for shaky hands, and Also it contains Standard mode, which has the capability of using the camera 360 in native default camera mode.

Besides all these features, You can also edit images through camera 360 which includes changing images of the background, with plenty of scenes to choose your background from, To use the full potential and download addons for this camera app, you should have an active internet connection.

With that said, Camera 360 has a clean and Friendly UI, Which is suitable for anyone, even a noncamera enthusiast can learn to use its powerful and innovative editing features and camera functions with ease.

Size: Varies with device

Installs: 100,000,000+

Ratings: 4.4

Reviews: 50,06,596+

Download Camera 360 from Play Store

3. Footej Camera 2

Footej Camera

This Camera app is an upgraded version of the previously popular Footej Camera, Which has got a huge amount of installs and are loved by many users,

Footej Camera 2 is one of the perfect alternatives and replacement for your stock camera app For recording videos as well as capturing photos.

You have many options to tinker with like you can change the aspect ratio of your camera, and even change your preferred resolutions for videos. One of the best features of this app is that you got support for live photos too. which can only be seen on the iPhones.

However, Footej Camera 2 also packs basic functions such as HDR white balance and exposure lock feature.

Footej Camera 2 also packs powerful features in their videos sections, such as capturing frames while recording and merge them together in a real-time format. or even convert to GIFs for small videos.

In the effects section, you get many new and basic effects already built-in with some basic edits that can also be done on this Footej camera 2, which really makes this camera app stand apart from others.

Size: 39M

Installs: 1,000,000+

Ratings: 4.2

Reviews: 13,458+

Download Footej Camera 2 From Play Store

4. Camera FV-5 Lite

CameraFV-5 lite

Camera FV-5 Lite is a small brother of the most powerful camera fv-5. The reason why big brother isn’t here is that the lite version of this camera is free to use. Hence, It would be better for you to take a glimpse of some of the best features that the lite version provides before you buy the paid version.

Camera Fv-5 Lite comes with plenty of features as consider this is a free version. It has the option to Click the RAW picture without altering any effect or modes. You get full control options which can be useful for capturing pictures with professionalism. You also have the feature to set manual exposure and focus effects, which can be handy when it comes to nature photography.

However, for the free version, this app has the definitive amount of basic which are more than enough for people who are a beginner in terms of using camera features and its functions.

Size: 13M

Installs: 10,000,000+

Ratings: 3.8

Reviews: 1,39,305+

Download Camera FV-5 lite From Play Store

5. Snap Camera HDR

Snap Camera HDR

Snap Camera comes with some of the basic and most required features which every photographer needs.

It has plenty of controls for basic Exposure, White balance, HDR, and ISO mode as well. Apart from these, it packs with some needed features such as live filters and borders effects too.

Those who are bored with their native camera app can try Snap Camera, It also comes with some cool effects that are not available in other camera apps.

Snap Camera has a simple and clean UI with just a button, not distracting the user while capturing photos or making videos. Also has gestures modes which include pinch to zoom, long press to adjust photo settings, and much more. However, this app comes with only paid version but with powerful features and altogether effective modes, convince serious photographers to take a look at the snap camera,

Size: 5.8M

Installs: 50,000+

Ratings: 3.8

Reviews: 3,957+

Download Snap Camera HDR From Play Store

6. A Better Camera

A better camera

As the name suggests, A better Camera is altogether a better version of the inbuilt camera app that is present on your android phone by default.

It has hefty features for every purpose which you can expect from a third-party camera app. It comes with night mode, burst mode, multi-shot. HDR, ISO, white balance, manual focus, timestamp, manual controls, RAW capturing of photos, and many more.

In the video Mode, A better camera has it has video timelapse and many basic resolution and frame rates customizations.

However, Better Camera also comes with a paid version which includes many advanced features, required for advanced photography. But not to worry, the free version of this app has many cool features that are enough for many users. the best part of this app is its simple controls in an organized manner, which is more suitable for beginners.

A better Camera is an all-in-one camera app, which includes basic features to most advanced features with their paid version. also, developers are constantly working on making a better camera as one of the best Camera apps for android.

Size: Varies with device

Installs: 5,000,000+

Ratings: 3.9

Reviews: 79,728

Download A better Camera From the Play Store

7. Google Camera

Google Camera

Every OEM has its own version of Camera Apps by default. But we cannot refuse that google has the best camera implementations on their pixel devices. However, Google Camera is no more than a miracle.

Google Camera is officially developed by Google for their pixel devices, Which has some serious level of optimizations for their pixel devices, but by the love of Google camera, Developers has ported This Camera app for every android device to Use.

Google Camera doesn’t have many features as compared to others, But it has some advanced levels of optimizations that the only google knows how they do it. By google camera, you can click the most natural and RAW pictures with any android phone.

It also has some of the basic features such as grid layout, manual exposure, HDR+, and Ultra level Night mode.

If you are a fan of nature photography and loves to shoot RAW images, then you should definitely try out Google Camera once.

Download Google Camera From XDA Developers

8. Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera is known for the cool camera features that it provides while clicking photos. It has manual controls for a personalized selection of capturing photos the way you want.

It also has many ultra features which include, flash sync, Focus mode,m multi-exposure, panorama, burst mode, white balance, Bayer RAW, and DNG support

The best part of the bacon camera is it doesn’t lack behind, It got almost all the most used and required unique features for photographers. It also includes Grid layout, GIFs, time shots, live histogram, and much more to explore.

If you want to click the best picture or videos for free with some of the most advanced features and unique controls., then you should definitely try out Bacon Camera Once.

Size: 9.8M

Installs: 1,000,000+

Ratings: 3.8

Reviews: 13,543

Download Bacon Camera From Play Store

9. B612


B-612 is basically one of the best camera apps in terms of taking selfies, due to the fact that it got a huge library of filters such as video filters, editing filters templates, emojis, facial stickers, and many more. B612 has incredibly popular with all these functions.

Nowadays, Most Camera apps are adopting AI features to improves their overall functionality, that’s where B-612 Camera has done a great job in implementing AI for facial recognization which helps in showing users a real-time picture with their favorite stickers including frames, caps, mustaches, and much more.

With a whopping 500 million downloads, This Camera is proudly known for its vast variety of filters and short videos with its stickers upon it. Which can also be edited with a wide range of premium as well as free-to-use collage and stickers as well.

If you want the best outcome with your selfies or short videos, then B-612 might be the best camera app for you.

Size: Varies with device

Installs: 500,000,000+

Ratings: 4.3

Reviews: 71,69,048

Download B-612 From Play Store

10. Cymera


Cymera is one of the best and oldest Cameras and editing apps for android. It comes with many features for photo editing such as collage making, filtering tools, crop tools for creating cropped sizes, Makeup editing tools, and many more.

One who wants to try beauty changes like changing eye colors, lips colors, flattening face, or any kind of makeup tool can be done in real-time within the camera screen. With the help AI, it generates pretty accurate data for human faces.

Apart from these, Cymera has a huge amount of collections of filters, ranging from Vintage, Natural, Neon, Lomo, Film, Sketch, Fisheye, and more.

Cymera also has a powerful editing tool that helps in red eyes removal, creating collages, changing face sizes to slim or fat, and many more.

If you are fond of doing makeup or wanna try what makeup suits you best, then Cymera might be the best choice to choose the perfect color combination for you.

Size: Varies with device

Installs: 100,000,000+

Ratings: 4.6

Reviews: 24,90,872+

Download Cymera From Play Store

11. Simple Camera

Simple Camera

The simple camera is one of the simplest Camera apps on the list. the main reason why the simple camera is on our list is that it has got the simplest UI with a clean and user-friendly interface. the main screen of this camera is simple with fewer buttons to distract. Either you click the photo or shoot video it has got all the basic features that a Good and Clean Camera needs.

The best part of the simple camera is that it doesn’t show ads on any of their screen, which makes this camera app, one of the best out there.

However, It lacks most of the advanced features that other camera apps have, Simple camera focuses on the simple and Clean Look with no extra glitters here and there.

Those who are new to the android world or have minimal knowledge of using camera apps, can also use and understand the features of Simple Camera. This Camera app is one of the best beginner-friendly camera apps for android.

Size: 6.2M

Installs: 500,000+

Ratings: 4.0

Reviews: 3,999+

Download Simple Camera From Play Store

12. Camera MX

Camera MX

Camera MX is a full-fledged easy to use Camera app for android and IOS. It has 20 million downloads in the play store. Camera MX packs powerful features which include auto Optimizations and HDR for high-quality photos, Changing preferred quality for images, manually setting of focus to click your perfect shot. It also packs with live photos features.

Filters of Camera MX is also one of the best for photo editing and shooting. It got plenty of filters which includes beautiful filters, camera effect, Fun selfies, Sketch and pencil drawing effects are also present to enhance your photo with real like sketch photo.

When it comes to video editing, Camera MX has some of the most needed features which include applying filters to your videos or adding effects within your videos, Trim videos, Also helps in creating slow-motion videos, and the best part is it has compressing feature as well, which means you can even compress your photo or videos to reduce their size so that you can share your files easily.

With plenty of features, Camera MX can be used as an all-rounder camera app for android, If you want to shoot photos, videos panorama, and edit them in the same app with most of the advanced features, then Camera MX will be a great choice.

Size: Varies with device

Installs: 10,000,000+

Ratings: 4.2

Reviews: 3,26,949+

Dowload Camera MX From Play Store


So here are our top 12 Best Camera Apps for Android in 2021 That you should try if you are fond of using Cameras in your android phone. But make sure to understand every function and feature of these Cameras apps to take full advantage of these Camera applications.

I hope you liked this article, If you have any queries or questions regarding this article, Do let me know in the comments section.

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