Top 8 Best Android Browsers In 2021

Android experience is one of the best things that is evolved from time to time. But many of you are stuck with their default android browsers, However, not to worry, because the android play store has some decent browsers to make your browsing experience better, safer, secure, and more privacy-focused.

What are android Browsers?

Android browsers are apps that are used to access the internet through your android device, You can surf, browse, download or even stream videos through your android browsers,. But to make your browsing experience better, there are numerous browsers out there for android to select.

Why android Web browsers are neccessary?

Web Browsers play a vital role in browsing the internet through your android device, Just because of web browsers android users can easily surf the internet as they do on the desktop.

Web browsers in android provide desktop-like features on their browsers, that is why android users tend to search for the best android browsers, which provide them all the necessary functions like their desktop browsers.

The Best browsers are hard to guess but, Here in this list, we have some of the best browsers which we think can be used as daily web browsers. that enhances the user web browsing experience even further,

Also, all these browsers come with enormous functionality and options to take full advantage of your browsers with the best features that they have to offer.

1. Chrome

Chrome browser is one of the best android browsers available in the play store, Not just because it is developed by Google, but also it comes with a great user-friendly user interface, with quite basic features needed by most people.

Google chrome best android browsers for android

Google has developed Chome in such a way, that it has some of the most required features such as google integration, desktop mode, lite mode, and much more.

Apart from features, chrome also has some of the best privacy and security feature like safe browsing option, Secure DNS, Do Not Track.

The best part of the Chrome browser is that it has the capability to optimize the webpage according to the speed of your internet connection.


  • Fast and save data
  • Sync across devices
  • Translate text on your screen
  • Protect your phone with Google Safe Browsing
  • Download and view offline

Download Chrome From Play Store

2. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge is created by Microsoft and it natively comes preloaded with their windows 10 update. later it was also released for android with user friendly UI and privacy features.

microsoft edge browser for android

Edge has some of the features which are related to Google Chrome As this browser is one of the best competition against Chrome. Edge comes with many default features such as privacy protection, Password and bookmarks synconization.

You can Use your Microsoft account to sync your bookmarks and password with your desktop and andorid. However, Microsoft edge can be the best alternative for Google Chrome, as it light and comes with most of the features that Google Chrome provides.


  • Take control of your data
  • Browse InPrivate
  • Block Ads
  • And much more

Download Microsoft Edge From Play Store

3. Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser is one of the oldest yet comprehensive browser of all time. It comes with features that are most needed in a web browser In today’s generation, It has a built in password manager which stores all your password to login next time without any remembering it.

firefox browser for android

The best feature is that it also comes with Cross platforms syncing option like above browsers, which is really required to continue your browsing on other devices as well.

Firefox browser is also considered as one of the top competitor for Google Chrome and Microsoft edge As these browsers are similar in terms of privacy and features.

Firefox also released another version known as “Firefox focus” for android, which especially focussed on providing the best ever privacy and security. Also comes with most of the basic features too. Also Firefox focus is one of the Lightest browsers for android in 2021.

Features Of Firefox browser:-

  • Enhanced Tracking Protection and Privacy Control.
  • Ads blocking Feautes and many Add ons
  • Intuitive Visual Tabs

Dowload Firefox Browser from Play Store

Features of Firefox Focus:-

  • Enhanced speed and Faster Browsing
  • Automatic Privacy Control and Security

Download firefox Focus From Play Store

4. Opera Browser

Opera browser is considered as well rounded browser for Cross platform. as This web browser comes with lots of features. However Opera has divided their features with Different Browsers for different needs, In android Opera comes with 4 types of browsers.

opera browser for android

The first one is Opera Browser, Which has cross platform syncing, comes with inbuilt ad blocker, Comes with free VPN option and many more basic functions.

The second Opera Touch, Which is specifically focused on ads free experience, so it comes various ads blocking support.

The third is Opera Mini, It is the lightest browser in the segment, Which can also saves your most of the data while browsing, and runs smoothly on low end devices as well.

Finally the forth is Opera GX, A unique browser which similar features but its made for gaming enthusiasts. Gaming in terms like it has Gaming news feed, and Gaming environment User Interface, Which mostly attracts Gamers. However, It has all the basic functions such as cross platform syncing and many more.

Features of Opera Browser:-

  • Free Built-In VPN: Secure and Private
  • Native Ad Blocker: no more annoying ads and even faster browsing!
  • Entertaining Videos: trending viral videos & short clips.
  • Personalized Breaking News: choose from local languages and regions in India!
  • Fast Downloading and Easy File Management.
  • Easier Payments with Credit Card Autofill.
  • Automatic Text Wrap: comfortable reading on any screen!

Download Opera Browser From Play Store

Features of Opera Touch:-

  • Lightning Fast Browser
  • Safe & Private
  • Native Ad Blocker for even Faster Browsing
  • Design to be used on the go

Download Opera Touch From Play Store

Features of Opera Mini:-

  • Fast Speed: surf the internet faster, even on slow or congested networks!
  • Offline File Sharing: send and receive files securely without data usage. Super Fast!
  • Funny Videos: trending viral videos & short clips to entertain yourself.
  • Breaking Headlines: live local news in 10 different local languages for India!
  • Entertainment: the latest news about celebrities. See more from Bollywood!
  • live Cricket Updates: live scores and matches on the go. More sports, more fun!
  • Save Data: save up to 90% of your data and browse faster – smart browsing.

Download Opera Mini From Play Store

Features of Opera GX:-

  • Free games, gaming deals, upcoming releases
  • Designed for gamers
  • Lightning fast browser
  • Private browser: ad blocker, cookie dialog blocker, and more

Download Opera GX From Play Store

5. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo names is kind of Unique and Awkard for A web browser segment, But don’t go with the name, because This browser has some of most powerful features that other browsers didn’t provides.

This Browser is basically A powerful privacy focused browser for android devices, if you wanted to live privately from online world then this provide might be the best browser for you. As this browser has the feature to clear your all your browsing history with just one tap. This browser also helps in providing the best security when your browse any of the websites in the internet.

duckduckgo browser for android

The best part is it doesn’t rely on google for browsing the web, It uses other search engines such as bing, yahoo, Wikipedia for providing you the best results without affecting your privacy. It also helps in blocking user data tracking from search engines which basically enhances your browsing experience more.


  • Tap Fire Button, Burn Data
  • Escape Online Tracking
  • Search Privately
  • Enforce Encryption
  • Signal Your Privacy Preference with GPC

Download DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser From Play Store

6. Via Browser

Via browser is one of the lightest browser in this list, The size of Via browser is nearly 600kb. The main focus of this browser is to provide the lightest web browser with basic features such as native ad blocking, Desktop mode, incognito mode and so on.

Via browser for android

It also has some privacy features like location disabler, do not track toggle and block third party cookies.

Via browser also has customization options to change the UI as per as you want. Moreover, It also has the capability to create an account to manage your bookmarks and saved pages.


  • Small size and light browse
  • Data saving
  • Various customization
  • AD block
  • Privacy
  • Night mode
  • And many more

Download Via Browser From Play Store

7. Brave Browser

Brave Browser is also one of the best privacy focused browsers for android that can help you stay safe and secure in the online world.

brave browser for android

It comes with inbuilt ad blocker with addition of popup blocking too. Also helps to avoid malware while browsing the internet.


  • Fast & Secure Web Browser
  • Private Browsing App
  • Browse Faster
  • AdBlock Web Browser

Download Brave Browser From Play Store

8. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is for someone who wants to read news, listen to online music, watch online videos and moreover browse the internet on a daily basis.

Kiwi browser for android

The best way of kiwi browser is that it is based on Chromium, so it has some similarity with Google Chrome as well. Moreover, they also has a Discord community support where users can share their experiences or discuss related to this browser.


  • Based on the very best Chromium
  • Incredible page load speed
  • Super strong pop-ups blocker that really works
  • Cryptojacking protection
  • Unlock Facebook Web Messenger

Download Kiwi Browser From Play Store

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