How To Add Instagram To Clubhouse Android


Clubhouse android= If you are a fan of Clubhouse and wanted to link your Instagram account with the Clubhouse application on your Android, Then you have come to the right place.

Here I am going to assist you on how you can easily add your Instagram account to clubhouse android with the very easiest method available.

For the newcomers, who don’t know what Clubhouse is, here is the quick answer.

What is Clubhouse?

clubhouse apk for android

The clubhouse is a social media audio chat platform that lets users create virtual rooms and helps them interact with each other.

In the Era of social media trend, Clubhouse has also taken a direction and getting popular rapidly as it attracts many social media users due to its interactive chatting features with an invitation.

The clubhouse was originally released in April 2020, which fulfills the quarantine gap and lets users interact with their loved ones.

If you wanna join Clubhouse, Just Click on the button below.

Similar to other social media apps, Clubhouse also lets you add Facebook and Instagram apps into their platform. If you think that you are unable to do. then no need to worry, In this article, I have given you the simplest method to add your Instagram account to the clubhouse.

You just have to follow the method below to add your account to Clubhouse.

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Connect Your Instagram to Clubhouse Android

  1. Open your Clubhouse app on your android.
  2. On the Home screen, click on the Top Right Corner of the app Where your profile is shown.
  3. There will the option to “Add Instagram” below your profile.
  4. A new window will pop up where you have to enter your Instagram account.
  5. Click on “the login” button,
  6. After that you will be asked to save your login info on your phone, you can either choose the “Save info” or “Not Now” option. as per your convenience.
  7. Once everything is done, It will ask for your permission. Click on “Allow” to continue.

Congratulations, Now you have successfully connected your Instagram account to the Clubhouse in your android.

Remove Your Instagram from Clubhouse Android

  1. Open you Clubhouse app on your android
  2. Once you are on homescreen, click on the top right corner where your profile is displayed.
  3. Click on the Gear Icon on the top right corner of your profile menu.
  4. There you will find “Disconnect Instagram” Option. Click on it.

Now you have successfully removed your account from the Clubhouse app.

Change Your Instagram On Clubhouse Android

To change your Instagram on your clubhouse profile, Firstly you need to remove your previous Instagram account.

To remove your previously added Instagram account from your clubhouse app, you have to follow the provided method given above.

After completing the above method, You can easily add another Instagram into your clubhouse Android.


I hope your queries about adding, disconnecting, or changing your Instagram account solved. If you have any other queries or questions related to this article. comment below and let me know.

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